Crowdforce: Driving Mass Adoption of Digital Financial Services

Nowadays, emerging or newly started business or markets are unsuccessful due to problems of infrastructure. The major problem is lack of reliable and verifiable data; and that is why Crowd Force is here to make a solution for the problem.

What is Crowd Force 
Crowd force is a blockchain project that aims to use decentralized network to solve projects of emerging markets. The Crowd Force project provides a viable solution for all of the aforementioned problems by using online and offline mobile technology and a network of merchants and agents that are properly empowered and incentivized to render micro tasks and services in their area. 
Crowd Force uses mobile technology and a network of micro businesses to help businesses, banks, Digital wallets and exchange companies scale to the next billion under served population in emerging markets. Backed by top silicon valley VCs including 500 startups and DraperDarkflow, crowd force are developing a decentralized network of agent micro businesses to provide crypto and digital services to the mass market and drive mass adoption of blockchain and crypto currencies in emerging markets.

Crowdforce is going to drive Mass Adoption of Digital Financial Services by providing:

  • Access to reliable data: Better understanding the dynamics of the economics of under served communities.
  • Access to Financial Services: Crowd force has built partnerships with banks, digital wallets and lending services to empower crowd force agents with the ability to become agent banks in their community which brings Financial Inclusion to every community.
  • Access to Crypto currencies: by empowering crowd force agents with crowd force app and crowd force MobilePos systems that will enable consumers buy and sell crypto currencies with ease at any crowd force outlet.

Crowd Force ecosystem consists of local and international partners, clients, payment providers, money lending services, digital wallets, Crypto exchange platforms and the agent network that help us create a circular reward system that works for all parties.


Crowd Force Token (CRF) will perform the following functions on the application:

  • Transaction Fees / Commissions: Transaction fees of between 0.2 % to 1% will be charged on all micro-services transactions executed by the agents to consumers. In different cases Both the businesses and agents or either the agent or business will bear the transaction fee.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Crowd Force may charge a small fee when agents withdraw their profits.
  • Other Fees: As the agent network grows , the platform may collect other fees for this new business opportunities.

Note: CRF token will be accepted as payment for any of the above fees at a significant discount of 50%.

In the future, Crowd Force will build her own Blockchain Platform and adopt the CRF token as the key base asset and gas for the platform. You can also be a part of the crowd force community either as an agent or trade user, and you would be needing the CRF token to functionally use the crowd force applications.


Token Details
Token Name: Crowd Force
Token Symbol: CRF
Total Supply: 1, 000, 000, 000
Platform: Etherum

Token Sale
Tokens for sale: 600, 000, 000
Accepted Payment: ETH, BTC , USD and 70 others
Price: 1 CRF = $0.03
Pre-Sale Starts: September 15, 2018
Pre-Sale Ends: October 31, 2018
Token-Sale Starts: November 12, 2018
Token-Sale Ends: December 14, 2018

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Author: Bonny

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