How to Combat the Cancer Scourge: 4 Simple Tips

George O. Ogutu
Nov 9 · 2 min read
Smoking causes several cancers

In recent years, cancer has emerged as a major public health concern for individuals, organizations, and governments across the world. In developing and developed countries alike, the disease is wreaking havoc. If fact, according to Medical News Today, recent research shows that cancer has already overtaken cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in high-income countries. This prevalence, when combined with Cancer’s unforgiving nature, can easily cause despair.

You don’t have to worry though, because the chances of contracting the disease can be lowered significantly or eliminated entirely by implementing these 4 simple tips:

1. Making prudent lifestyle choices. Most cancer victims will tell you that given a second chance, they would alter their lifestyles. Habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco have been linked to several cancers. In fact, even as an innocent bystander, exposure to tobacco smoke puts you at risk. Solution? Avoid tobacco and all its products completely.

2. Healthy eating. Another painless technique that is highly effective in preventing cancer is healthy eating. As a topic, healthy eating is broad, but simple steps such as ensuring that your daily dietary intake contains all essential nutrients and minerals is the key. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, shun processed foods, and avoid calorific overloads that can lead to obesity.

Green tea, garlic, olive oil, and fish reportedly possess anti-cancer properties; make them part of your diet to seal cancer entry points.

3. Physical activity. Exercise is a must-do in the anti-cancer war. Most people currently hold jobs that encourage a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, physical activity is their only hope for keeping fit. Research shows that exercise, alone, can prevent colon and breast cancers. When combined with the other measures, the results can be surprising.

4. Stay away from the sun. This final preventive measure may shock you, but here is the deal. Mayo Clinic cautions against exposure to the sun between 10 am and 4 pm because the sun’s rays are strongest during this time span. For some, this would be impractical. But the idea is to minimize exposure as much as possible, as this helps to prevent skin cancer.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are numerous other measures you can take to reduce the risk of contracting cancer. But the four tips explained above are among the most effective anti-cancer weapons. To achieve the best results, combine all of them. Simple as they may sound, implementing them can save you a ton of heartache and regrets.

George O. Ogutu

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Article Writer, Blogger, and Consultant.

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