Time-series outlier detection using Facebook’s Prophet for Batch Processing

Getcontact having been launched in 2016 has consolidated itself as one of the leading mobile identity and fraud prevention services globally, with more than 50 million active users per month and a growing presence across four continents.

Such a rapid growth of the Getcontact application means keeping many basic KPIs, such as registered users and verified users, under control on the technology side. Daily review of KPIs and supporting them with machine learning algorithms help to plan growth strategies more accurately. Monitoring the changes in our users’ behaviors closely helps us to prevent and balance the system overload in some…

Implementation of a new data infrastructure and development of BiTaksi’s data platform for Machine Learning algorithms.

BiTaksi, founded in 2013 by Nazım Salur, is the best available taxi-hailing service in Istanbul and Ankara. BiTaksi enables you to request a taxi from your smartphone and helps you to travel within the city in the safest way because only licensed taxi drivers can register it after a strict selection process.

Data-Driven Approach

BiTaksi has given great importance to technology in order to be the best in its service sector. Despite the challenges in the transportation industry, BiTaksi has managed to reach a wide usage over the years due to the convenience it provides to both drivers and customers. It continues…

Oğuzhan Yediel

Data Scientist

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