A tale of USC — Major, Ali Aintrazi, SCG Syracuse, and myself.
Amanda Stevens

Having carefully read both your and Ali’s statements I can say I sympathize with you. You have every right to not accept Aintrazi’s apology, but to say you will not be someones teachable moment is shortsighted. For the 99% of us who are not educated enough and do not understand what it feels like to be marginalized, harassed, and be treated as a joke; this is a teachable moment. We can either educate ourselves and encourage others to do the same or focus on this incident until a new controversy arises.

You also dismiss his statement that he will educate himself and work to educate others as a platitude but I for one am unsure of what else he can do. Perhaps you can suggest something?

I agree with you that there are many issues when it comes to making Magic events more inclusive but saying that that isn’t good enough doesn’t do anything to improve the community. At least his intention is a step in the right direction.

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