Facebook — the not so good parts?

“jeez, why does he seem so SMART?”…

Racing through my head as he was named the then youngest billionaire was why my own life wasn't going as smooth as his… Lol

I hear many young people say they want to be the next Zuckerberg, well good luck with that :-)

I must say that Mark’s success is pretty impressive as he has, with the entire Facebook team built Facebook from the simple application it was (theFacebook)to the robust rich interface application it currently is. Thumbs up Mark!

The full-fledged Facebook is enriched with loads of features as you’d expect from a team of such degree but my current favorite feature is the new Facebook reactions!

This time, I think Mark ( or whoever suggested doing this ) hit the nail right on its head.

Previous years there were always posts I just didn't like! But who cared? Mark shut the ability to express how I truly felt so all I did was ignore the post. But c’mon, now I get to show my angry face at those really annoying posts no one really cares about. Lol. Thanks, man! Even more, I get to show my love to amazing Facebook posts.

When Mark did this I came to these conclusions which are probably subjective:

  1. Mark found out there were many users like me who were pissed because we could only “like” a post. So he optimized the user experience.
  2. Mark was bold enough to “change” the existing structure.

The not so good parts. Huh?
 Mark is pretty smart and I suppose he has figured out what I’d be saying below already or he’s just chosen to ignore it.

C’mon Mark, not everyone is my friend! (I could use an angry smiley here). I met this dude at a restaurant the previous night and the morning after I get a Facebook request. I’m excited to know him better so I accept his friend request. However, looking just beneath that is a list of 6 other friend requests from people I barely know but we have some mutual friends, and here’s where I begin to disagree with Mark. I get just two options here. I barely know these guys and here are their friend requests.

(1) Delete the friend request and I look like a snob.

(2) Accept the friend request and I begin to get notifications about their lives — which I’m too busy to keep up with.

Even as a “millennial” I’m still pretty much a busy guy Mark. How about giving us more options?

I don’t need to decline the friend requests, but after accepting these friend requests, I should equally get the option to categorize them into acquittance, close friends or even “Passers-by”.

Oh, Mark… Whoever I categorize as a Passer-by should only see that I accepted their friend request. They shouldn't know I categorized them as being “Passers-by” (so they don’t get pissed.. It’s nothing personal)

More importantly, wouldn't it be lovely if I could choose to receive notifications of just my close friends and family? I don’t need to get bugged with notifications from “friends” I don’t really want to keep tabs with daily. I suppose that someday you make it possible to just receive notifications from my acquittance and Passers-by only when I log on to the Facebook desktop website. On my mobile connections just feed me with notifications from those I care the most about, and I choose whether to see more notifications from my acquittance / “Passers-by” or not.

Thanks Mark, and Cheers to a bigger Facebook!

Okay, that was for Mark but this is for you. What do you think?… Am I alone in thinking this or do you feel the same way? Say something in the comment section below. I’d be delighted to hear you and if you don’t get my reply early, I’m probably off to browsing through my Facebook feed :-)