How to downsize your life to fit into an apartment

Recently my partner and I decided to move in together and move into an apartment. This meant listening to the boss, consolidating everything and throwing a lot of things out. It wasn’t all bad though — in fact I managed to make some money, and made my life a lot easier when it came to moving day.

Limit your possessions

Moving in together meant I had to get rid of some of my prized possessions. I went from having a large bedroom and a big double garage to a small apartment and a tiny locker on the balcony. It wasn’t a bad thing though! Turns out I had a lot of expensive “hobbies” I never made any time for. So I managed to sell a lot of toys, make some money and down size. There’s no point in lugging things around I’m never going to use again.

Consider your furniture

It’s all very nice to have large and expensive furniture, but when you’re renting and moving around, your furniture might not work from one place to the next. I suggest find something that’s going to work in all situations. We started with a large coffee table for example, that looked great in a previous property but now was not going to work in our tiny apartment — I couldn’t even walk around it in our tiny living space. We ended up getting rid of it and went for a nice simple Skandinavian inspired coffee table that I can now lie on the ground next to and I know will be able to fit in anywhere.

Get rid of the boxes!

I’m a shocker for keeping the boxes of every new item I purchase — just in case I need to return it right! Wrong! I never end up taking anything back and those boxes end up cluttering even the biggest of storage spaces. Once you’ve unpacked that new toaster, throw the box out!

Spring clean your wardrobe

Moving in together meant that no longer could I have just my clothes in my wardrobe. I had to make room for someone else! When ever we go clothes shopping I like to go through the wardrobe and find items I haven’t worn in a while and drop those in a clothing bin. There’s no point in cramming more clothes into the wardrobe I’m never going to wear.

Save your money

After getting rid of all the extra bits you’ve collected it can begin to feel like you need to start all over again and go out and buy buy buy! Stop! There’s a reason you just downsized, you don’t need it! Really ask yourself, do I need to spend $60 on a stick blender, or can I save the money and space and use a fork instead? Downsizing is a great time to get your finances under control and put together a great savings plan.

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