Should you write every day?
Jackson Nexhip

Good to see you back Jackson! I was wondering where you’ve been, and I’m glad that you’ve come to a conclusion that you are satisfied with. I’m always impressed by how you always manage to write something so brief and yet so impactful.

This is what I’ve been wondering about for the past month or so. I kept pushing myself to write, and every time I felt a resistance I saw it as laziness. I never allowed myself to take a break, and never gave myself time to learn and reflect.

I believed that quantity would eventually produce quality, but it’s also not that simple. I hold every article that I write close to my heart, and I have a biased opinion when it comes to judging their value. I cannot objectively rate them, because I think they are all good.

I’m afraid my quality has gone down as I force myself to meet deadlines and spew out things that I don’t even necessarily believe it. I want to take a break, and I don’t want to seek anyone else’s permission to stop.

I feel sort of obligated to my followers and to myself, but I also feel like I need to make the decision for my own sake. They might not even care about my writing, but I do want to inform them in case there is someone who enjoys my content and looks forward to reading my stuff.

Thanks for this Jackson. I feel much better about my problem after reading this post.

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