What I learned from writing one article a day for a month


It’s been a little more than a month since I started writing, and I’ve come to learn a lot. I’ve had my shares of ups and downs, but I can say that it’s been a positive experience for the most part.

Medium has been my priority for the past month and I have to say, it’s been getting addicting. I’ve been addicted to notifications. Whenever someone would comment or follow me on Medium, I would marvel over it and would constantly look at the comments or likes.

I vowed not to look at the stats page but I’ve peeked in numerous times, just to feel the validation that people were reading and enjoying my content.

I can also say that while this may be harmful if I don’t control it, it has also helped motivate and push me to write more. Every positive comment and recommend I got, I would gain confidence in my work.

Whenever I look at all the articles I’ve published over the past month, I get a sense of pride. I know the effort I put into my work, and I know that I poured my heart out into creating content.

Every article that I’ve written has a place in my heart. It’s tough to admit that a lot of them suck, but it’s true. I usually don’t proofread or edit my work, and I see the amateur mistakes that I make in many of them.

I also think about quantity vs. quality. I understand that writing everyday means I won’t be spending a lot of time with each article. I understand that the quality of my articles won’t be the best because of the time constraints I give myself.

But I also value quantity. When you write and consistently produce content everyday, you get better at it. You also push yourself to constantly find inspiration for your next article. You endlessly consume content and transfer them as your own ideas.

While my works may not be perfect, I do enjoy persevering through the days where I have no motivation to write. I hold myself accountable and I don’t expect anyone to push me except myself.


Here are some things I have learned throughout my journey:

  • I care about validation a little too much
  • Be proud, but never prideful.
  • Stay humble, and stay curious
  • Don’t care about “growth hacking” and “building an audience”. Just put your head down and hone your skills.
  • Share encouraging words with others
  • Take it slow, you don’t have to rush
  • Show gratitude and remember those who helped and loved you
  • Be less judgmental, show more empathy
  • Become a problem solver
  • Writing can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety
  • When you feel uncomfortable and uncertain but you push through it anyway, you are growing and stepping out of your comfort zone
  • If you can’t think of anything to write, just open the blank page and start writing about anything
  • Take the first step, or you will never start your journey
  • Everyone is on a different road in life. Create your own path and don’t look back

So for anyone who is thinking about starting something or committing to something, I would encourage them to start today.

The first step is all you need to take. You will never know unless you try. The biggest push for me was realizing that everyone sucks at the beginning. It’s not about being perfect from the start. The real fun is the journey, not the destination.