ODP Weekly Update: Health Care is “Center Stage” in 2018

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As Ohio Democrats gathered on Monday at the Statehouse to highlight how health care is on the ballot in 2018, Chairman David Pepper explained to Gov. John Kasich — who happened upon the news conference — that they were there to support his Medicaid expansion. Kasich said, “Thank you — keep fighting for it.”

The Youngstown Vindicator editorial board wrote this week:

Democrats, led by the party’s nominee for governor, Richard Cordray, have been unyielding in their support of Republican Kasich’s Medicaid program.
The gathering of Democrats in front of the Statehouse was designed to keep the spotlight on this important issue.
There can be no parsing of words when it comes to providing Ohioans with readily available, high-quality, affordable health care.
Thus, when DeWine’s lieutenant governor running mate Jon Husted says the ticket will support the requirement that Affordable Care Act insurance policies retain coverage for pre-existing condition, the question must be asked: Why then won’t the attorney general join the governor in opposing changes to national health-care policy for individuals with pre-existing conditions?

In addition, nearly two dozen health care professionals, activists and elected officials spoke out this week against Congressman Jim Renacci’s reckless record on health care. At events in Dayton and Columbus, these Ohioans made clear that they won’t let Renacci off the hook for his votes to take away Ohioans’ health care.


This week Rich Cordray spoke at the Ohio Candidate Forum on Disability Issues — an event that Mike DeWine ducked — and on the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act being signed into law, Cordray shared a remembrance of his father, who was legally blind and inspired his son’s deep commitment to public service.

In his later years, my dad was a total homebody. When my work kept me traveling around the country, he often asked where I was, only to invariably say, “Get home soon.” He liked knowing that his family was all safely at home, where we belonged.
Now I’m here all the time, working to make this state a better home for everyone. Dad would have liked that, very much.


Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball made ratings changes this week in 17 House districts — all of them in favor of Democrats — and they’re moving two Ohio districts into the toss-up column: Ohio’s 12th Congressional District and Ohio’s 1st Congressional District.

As D.C. Republicans dump money hand over fist into the OH-12 special election, Kyle Kondik, the managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, notes that the “PA-18 nightmare certainly has a chance to repeat itself.”

Why is the Crystal Ball moving these two districts in Ohio? Kondik credits the strength of the Democratic candidates — Franklin County Recorder Danny O’Connor and Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval.

Another key factor? Democratic enthusiasm on the ground. Check out these pics from this Weekend of Action:

Next weekend will be our final get out the vote push for the OH-12 special election — click here to sign up for a GOTV shift now.

If you live in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District and you haven’t voted yet, go to danny.vote to make a plan to cast your ballot before or on Election Day, Tuesday, Aug. 7.



This week’s Ohio Democratic Podcast features state Rep. Tavia Galonski, who represents House District 35 in Summit County.

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