Boys & Girls of Summer

Baseball field

The perception of limited possibility significantly contributes to the imposition of limitations by the so-called normal (even those with the best of intentions) on those they define as “disabled.”

For example, some can’t imagine a cyclist with a visual impairment riding a bike, a football linebacker with one hand recovering fumbles or individuals with sensory issues participating in team sports.

Limitation is in the eye of the beholder and, in my opinion, best kept to oneself.

Creative problem solvers, together with individuals with unwavering dedication to do what they love or try something new and their families and friends, take an opportunity-driven approach to create inclusive opportunities for all.

Among the growing accessible sports facilities, teams and groups is Miracle Field, a short distance from New York City.

Miracle Field offers a flat and barrier-free surface, allowing players who are visually-impaired or use wheelchairs to play easily. Dugouts are wheel-chair accessible. The turf is customized to prevent injuries.

Kids as young as three and teens up to age 19 can join the Miracle League and all can play — physical or mental issues may prevent participation in other youth leagues, but that’s no strike out for this league.

So let’s all go out to the ball game. If we’re sitting in the stands, let’s cheer on our favorite boys and girls of summer. And if’ we’re proudly donning our team jersey, may we always be swinging for the fences.


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