Flip Your Football Expectations Upside Down

It’s one of the best times of the year — college football season. Top athletes bound onto the gridiron every Saturday (and sometimes other days), stoked for a 60-minute clash with their opponents and cheered on by frenzied fans and game-plan-ready coaches.

But what does it really take to be a successful college football player? The ability to ignore what others think are game-playing limitations.

During Saturday’s 2017 season game opener, USC’s long snapper Jake Olson sent a clean snap to his holder, setting up a PAT. Because you don’t need 20/20 vision, but rather skill and preparation combined with the right game scenario and superior sportsmanship. (Jake has been blind since the age of 12, due to cancer of the retina.)

Now in his senior season as a linebacker for UCF, Shaquem Griffin has been recognized with numerous awards for his outstanding defensive play on the field. Because you don’t need two hands to blitz, tackle or recover fumbles, but rather talent, commitment and a winning attitude. (The fingers on Shaquem’s hand were amputated as a child due to a rare in-utero issue that prevented their growth.)

Who would you add to this list?

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