I Can’t Un-Hear That

Thanks for your great feedback on the I Can’t Un-See That post from March 5 — https://medium.com/@ohfabledone/i-cant-un-see-that-27ccddb10c32. So glad you enjoyed it!!

You asked for more and we’re going to deliver! This post is the second of a 5-part series — one article for each of the physical senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Here is the Top 20 List of Things You Can’t Un-Hear, as a reminder that it’s sometimes a terrible misfortune to hear everything there is to hear in the world. Enjoy!

1. In the spirit of tax season, “You owe the IRS a lot of money.”

2. Screaming babies on your long (and even worse — red eye) flight

3. Your phone with the ringtone Staying Alive going off at a funeral

4. “I love you” from the person you’re about to break up with

5. Your parents making out
6. Cracking of lens as you step or sit on your glasses
7. Early morning jackhammers, lawnmowers or other loud machinery

8. Loose manhole covers being run over by cars — All. Night. Long

9. Nails being clipped in public

10. Audibles coming from a neighboring public bathroom stall

11. “Passengers, please prepare for a crash landing.”

12. Holiday music played from late August through early January

13. After waiting in line for hours, “Sorry, the person in front of you got the last one.”

14. The endless nagging of a parent/spouse/boss

15. Nails scraping down a chalkboard

16. “Congratulations! You’re having triplets!”

17. Snoring

18. Obnoxious gum chewing/smacking

19. “Um, you have a stain on the back seat of your pants.”

And, a final one, especially for you New Yorkers,

20. Screeching MTA bus and subway brakes

Many thanks to the pals who helped to put this list together! What would you add?

What are things you can’t un-taste, un-smell or un-touch? Respond quickly — those lists will be coming out soon!