I Can’t Un-Hear That — Bonus List

The next installation of the I Can’t Un-X That series brings another bonus lists!! Thanks again for your enthusiasm and creative suggestions!

Below is your bonus list of things you can’t un-hear, as well as the original 20, offering a reminder to us all that being able to hear everything can be rather unfortunate!

Enjoy! And eat at your own risk while reading this post!

1. Telemarketers

2. “No.” (kiddo perspective toward parents.)

3. Footsteps in your attic, and you’re the only one in the house
4, Your gurgling stomach being overtaken by food poisoning

5. “Raises will not be given out this year…..or next year…..”

6. Noisy neighbors

7. That ringing in your ears after a loud concert

8. Your tooth, slowing breaking

9. Lies

10. “Hey, you two are wearing the exact same dress!”

Original list — For the full post, check out https://medium.com/@ohfabledone/i-cant-un-hear-that-ec161fcb0588

1. In the spirit of tax season, “You owe the IRS a lot of money.”

2. Screaming babies on your long (and even worse — red eye) flight

3. Your phone with the ringtone Staying Alive going off at a funeral

4. “I love you” from the person you’re about to break up with

5. Your parents making out
6. Cracking of lens as you step or sit on your glasses
7. Early morning jackhammers, lawnmowers or other loud machinery

8. Loose manhole covers being run over by cars — All. Night. Long

9. Nails being clipped in public

10. Audibles coming from a neighboring public bathroom stall

11. “Passengers, please prepare for a crash landing.”

12. Holiday music played from late August through early January

13. After waiting in line for hours, “Sorry, the person in front of you got the last one.”

14. The endless nagging of a parent/spouse/boss

15. Nails scraping down a chalkboard

16. “Congratulations! You’re having triplets!”

17. Snoring

18. Obnoxious gum chewing/smacking

19. “Um, you have a stain on the back seat of your pants.”

And, a final one, especially for you New Yorkers,

20. Screeching MTA bus and subway brakes

Get your idea on the next bonus list! What are thing you would be happy not to see, taste or touch?

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