I Can’t Un-Smell That — Bonus List

Skunk, with tail up

The I Can’t Un-X That series continues with bonus lists!! Thanks for your enthusiastic response and ideas.

It’s no surprise that a bonus list of 10 things not worth smelling filled up quickly! Below is your bonus list, as well as the original 20 that remind us all that being unable to smell can have its advantages!

Enjoy! And eat at your own risk while reading this post!

Bonus List

1. Skunk, up close and person especially

2. Medicines

3. The first whiff of a bottle of wine that accidentally sat in the sun

4. Spoiled fish and seafood

5. Stagnant water

6. That pair of jeans you’ve worn so many times they could stand up by themselves
7. That fishy smell when you know a situation sounds too good

8. Wet dog

9. An overcooked hard-boiled egg

10. Running shoes after a marathon

Original list

(For full post, see https://medium.com/@ohfabledone/i-cant-un-smell-that-a2631c63a592)

1. Your accidental refrigerator-based science experiment

2. Morning breath

3. Landfill or compost

4. New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway (sorry, NJ, but you know it’s true)

5. Pus

6. Emissions coming a neighboring public bathroom stall

7. Post-game locker rooms

8. Any dive bar on a Sunday morning

9. The inside of a septic tank

10. Rotten eggs

11. Pig farms on hot humid days

12. Feet, at the end of a long day

13. Burnt hair

14. Freshly baked cookies when you’re on a very strict diet

15. Toxic chemicals

16. Second-hand smoke

17. An overused washcloth

18. The Corpse Flower when it first opens up

19. Roadkill

And, a final one, especially for you New Yorkers,

20. Subway platforms, especially in late summer

Get your idea on the next bonus list! What are thing you would be happy not to see, hear, taste or touch?

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