Warning: Explicit Language

Today’s blog post was going to begin to examine why there is an absurdly and unacceptably high rate of unemployment for people with “disabilities.” For example, 70% of people with visual impairments have no job. And it’s been that way for decades.

As I’m hard-pressed to believe that people with visual impairments have not discernible talent. The system breaks down at every possible juncture — during childhood, adolescence and adulthood and at home and school, in policy and in the workplace itself.

But then I saw this. Holly Maniatty, an ASL interpreter, at a hip hop concert. (WARNING: video includes explicit language.)


You may not like hip hop and that’s ok. Think about it this way — Holly Maniatty makes sure that hip hop concerts (explicit language and all) and today’s broader hip hop culture are available to those who are deaf. Just like you can find Fifty Shades of Grey on audio book or people who use wheelchairs on first dates using dating apps. Pursuing dreams, having preferences and being an active participant in life and society as they exist today aren’t limited to the so-called normal. Standing ovation to Holly and the countless others who make it possible.

Want a little more? Check out Holly and some of her colleagues in a sign Language Rap Battle on Jimmy Kimmel.