Thoughts On Liberal Hollywood From A Conservative Actress

Hi. My name is Anonymous. I wish I could tell you my actual name and trust me no one relishes in taking credit for their own work than me but what I love more than that is my budding career. I’m an actress. I live in Hollywood. I am a Conservative.

Entertainment and comedy have always been loves of mine. Some people think those things are flighty and not important work but for me growing up, when I would see a great performance it showed me that anything is possible and it taught me to have a sense of humor about life. Lucille Ball taught me to laugh at myself, to worry less. Seeing a lot of pain and struggle in my early years, this was important to me.

For the first time in my life, right now, for simply speaking my unpopular opinions I could potentially damage my career, because as you know politics have seeped into everything. I used to think having an unpopular opinion was brave and bold and meant that you think for yourself. I was always told to question and to not be afraid to speak up. To not just assume what you are being told is true or right but to seek information for yourself and form your own opinions. One of the greatest things about our country is the freedom to have those opinions to and be able to express them.

Well, I am a young American female and I cannot speak my mind in public without being shamed.

Even though my opinions are about facts, numbers, solutions, helping and unifying people. All good things right? If I say them in public, because they lean Conservative, because I don’t hate the President, because I didn’t vote the way they did. I could be labeled a bigot, people look at me like I’m a leper, at one point I was told I had “white entitlement”, simply because I didn’t agree with certain things that actually had nothing to do with race. I even had real evidence to prove my point but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore. All the sudden opinions that the majority doesn’t agree with are becoming “hate speech”. Fun political debates have turned personal, even violent in many cases and people like me are scared to speak up.

Do I have privilege because I’m white? I don’t know how to measure that and I can’t speak for anyone else. I do know that being white didn’t give me a present dad, it didn’t help my mom when she was working 7 days a week to raise my sister and I on her own, it also didn’t help her not lose everything that she did eventually build in 2008, it didn’t help my atrocious driving record, it didn’t help me to not get arrested twice when I was younger and stupid. My mom called me a police magnet at one point! It didn’t help me to not be choked, punched, spit on, bit, hit in the head with a boombox while working to help at risk children in this country to be better people, being white didn’t bring back any of my family members who passed away.

I have been asked before, “ Don’t you watch the news???” Yes, I do watch the news actually, I just don’t agree with you! And I’m not going to bad mouth The President or anyone for that matter. But I have to play dumb so I’m not looked at like a villain or god forbid called a white supremacist.

My early adult years were spent working in human services. I worked with kids in psychiatric hospitals, foster homes and crisis centers. I have put my safety on the line and have been physically beat up protecting kids from all backgrounds. That was one the the hardest and most special times in my life and I think about those kids all still. In my life time I have given so much of myself for this country and I still have a scar or two to prove it.

Some of my political beliefs even come from this time in my life. I was in the trenches and saw first hand what actually helped people and what didn’t. My beliefs are because I love people not the other way around.

Personally, I don’t love when entertainers talk about politics on a platform, I’ll leave that for the political commentators but lately I haven’t been able to step out of my house without someone wanting to engage in a conversation about our current political climate. And when I say conversation, I mean let’s talk about how much we hate Trump and everything he stands for.

How about this? Why don’t you go and volunteer and a non profit since you love people and the world so much. There are a lot of kids out there that could use mentors. But, I have to keep my head down and try to change the subject. I don’t always have time to be condemned.

Listen, I’m a really tough person. I am healthy and have a family, there for I am abundant. But this is a serious problem, not for me but for the country.

Some people have different views and might not agree with me or you and that’s totally cool. We live in America, we can do that here! We can debate, we can listen to each other and share those ideas and maybe learn a thing or two. That is how changes and progress are made.

I’ve learned the most when I have shut my big mouth and listened to those with opposing opinions even if it was uncomfortable.

I have lost a lot of respect for many people that I have looked up to in the entertainment industry and even political leaders. I have seen people stoop to the very level that they claim to oppose publicly, over and over again. I have been to marches that are supposed to be for unity and peace and have heard chants like “dumb Trump” and “ fuck Trump”. People riot against “hate speech” with actual violence. Political leaders and celebrities are now promoting ACTUAL VIOLENCE! I have seen people make mistakes and use this political climate to further endorse wether consciously or not this new thing of victimhood and blaming others for their situation. Leadership is not about claiming victimhood, it’s about empowering people and inspiring them to be better and promoting personal responsibility. I’m not excusing anything that was said by a man that is offensive but if you are claiming to take the moral high road then lets take that high road and encourage positive change.

We have all seen what is happening on some of our college campuses, freedom of speech has a new addendum now, did you know that? You can say what you want, unless it opposes the majorities opinions and if it does oppose, you are shut down or even worse threatened.

I am and kind and polite person, I help others and I take full responsibility for my actions, especially when I make mistakes. I make sure everyday that I give more than I take and I have worked my tail off to get where I am without asking anyone for anything. I have had more challenges than a lot of people I know and still I am the happiest person I know because I know that happiness is a choice. I don’t waste anytime thinking about what is working against me, I make things work for me. No “older white male” or anyone will ever stand in my way because I say they won’t. These are the vary qualities that the far left seems to be losing everyday yet they continue to get louder and more aggressive and continue to try and shut people down.

And I know one thing for sure about the universe, it mimics what you put out. You don’t get to say you want peace while promoting hate even if you feel justified.

Are there bigots in this world? Racists? White supremacists? Misogynists? Yes. It’s terrible and disgusting it deserves to be called out.

But the fact that we are throwing theses damning and loaded terms around to silence ideas different from our own without ACTUAL evidence is harming this country and further separating us and teaching our younger generation to not be free thinkers and to not take personal responsibility. What ever happened to “to assume makes an ass out of u and me”?

We need ideas that are provocative and different than our own and we need to feel uncomfortable sometimes. That makes you a well rounded human being.