Dedicated to my dearest best friend, Jenn.

It was what apartment dreams are made of.

You see, some people in NYC find THE apartment, but this apartment found YOU. You gave it more than life. You birthed a new ”Jenn Tsang is better than YOU!” YOU.

I remember walking into your space in early spring, March 2015. Like the good Asian child I am, I removed my shoes looking in from the doorway and knew it all made sense.

It was amazing that everything about that apartment was a detail about you, a story to tell, a memory to recall, and a step into entering your world. It was cozier than a cozy Korean blanket. It was honorably, freakishly clean. And it was perfectly colored to the liveliness that is you! You did not just make that place a home, but it was decorated in the actualization of You.

And what a pleasure, honor, and true privilege, it was for me to spend SO much time there with you. It was magic! ✨ Our laughs, cries, grown and sexy conversations embedded in those walls, haunting the next tenant who will never live up to all our glory. (R.I.P. BASIC BITCHES.🌹)

But I write this, in tribute and in much thanks, for the space you created for us to thrive! To master the art of chill! To be who we are at 2AM and every other hour of the day and back again. The real us — Pro Chillas. You let me make that house my home away from home, and I’m forever grateful for that. Even your attempts to hold on to it for me will never be forgotten. Thanks for believing in me even when the risk was outside of our means; that will always mean a lot to me.

To all the little things I’ll miss….

The many windows flooding the entire apartment with natural sunlight…

That moment I noticed the moon peek in from the skylight for the first time while lounging on my favorite spot on the couch…which was a perfect couch, in that I fit it like a cocoon….

The Sonos surround sound that synced perfectly with the living (working) room and bedroom…

That perfectly shaped, unicorn of a kitchen with the cutest little window and glossy 70's cabinetry, where you always whipped up all the best meals….and brewed the best cups of La Colombe coffee…

And then there was that terrace! The evening breeze from the terrace. The sunbathing and working always-from-home on that terrace. All the shade we quietly threw at everyone who wondered what we were up to while we basked in the sun on that terrace. The views from morning, afternoon, and night peaking from that door window, so cinematic in every way, it spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way…

I can’t even believe on my last morning in the apartment, it was nothing but snow and a bluer than blue sky beaming across Brooklyn; extending even past that monstrosity of a new building on Atlantic, and over the river and up the east side of Manhattan. I still can’t think of a better view. After all these years, I know it’ll always be my favorite.

Time stood still in that apartment even though in reality, it kept moving. So many times we’d just revel in how awesome it was to be there and enjoy it while we worked and while we chilled. In every moment, we recognized the importance to just be. We were so present there. Time gave us such a gift.

That place set us up to win. I always felt like *you made it* with that apartment and being there with you inspired me to no end. In fact, I think it inspired us both to be better. To do more. To be who we are today, creating our own daily routine and recognizing our ability to do what we need to be doing. We lived thrifty and celebrated our flexibility. Through love and loss, we each found real balance, and built an unmatchable understanding of what our relationship brings to each other today, as two best friends, homegirls, sistas. (#GetItBoo)

Even in the toughest of goodbyes, I know the magic still reigns supreme between us. Even as the countdown begins before we’re separated by miles of oceans and opposite time zones, I’ll always know we’re like a puff of Blue Dream — the best of both worlds (literally HK/BK), converged into one love, one friendship, that has given me the best high and most meaningful love for life.

To the blessed, temple of chill, 345 St John’s Place. Forever and always, the greatest apartment of all time. I will miss you so much, but will no doubt make chill everywhere else in your honor.

To my best friend on her next chapter, a new house to make a home with the love of her life (Hi Ben!), and to embrace every bit of uncertainty with the utmost of ease! Thanks for all the memories Jenn. Love you always ma!


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