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Hahahah, to the last line!!!!

Great piece. I was just having a conversation about this a few days ago.

There’s no place I’d rather talk shit than the digital walls of my group chat. It IS the only safe place for on the go, daily musings and necessary venting. With friends (all minorities and women) coast to coast, without the group chat, where would one go? I empathize with those in the comments who don’t get it, but frankly, husbands, boyfriends, white friends aside; I feel like it’s my privilege and joy to find this level of safety and security within my own tribe. Anyone outside of it, even if they fall within the circle of trust sometimes, will never get it and that’s OK.

So, I say more power to our group chats!!!Until our chat transcripts are stolen to create new Bitmoji drops…

(I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think they’re keeping track of all my gestures…now they have “oh hell nahhh,” and “oh you nasty!” which I find oddly coincidental to my lingo…🤔) lol