Part III: Letter to the Old Me

With Love, from the New Me

Hey Girl,

My, have you grown! It’s been a while since you’ve thought about how far you’ve come. You know, gone are the days where you let your emotions get the best of you…where you’d drive yourself crazy over what you did or did not do…or even let someone make you feel any less than what you know you’re worth!

How does it feel to stand strong? To feel like the woman you always thought you could be. To have the ability to look at a sucky situation and know that in the end, the truth will always set you free. To trust that you did the right thing — that it was what you wanted and needed at the time. Doesn’t it feel empowering to know yourself?

I know you feel a little bummed about what happened last night, what you saw. It’d be unnatural for you to not feel even the slightest pang to the chest. Your closest confidants empathize and understand how you feel. Remember, you feel everything. It’s your gift. Your ability to feel everything is aligned with the self-awareness people admire deeply about you. That’s the thing, you actually know how everything makes you feel. You can put it into words. You use it to make sense of the nature of things. You can extract the pain and turn it into power. But, little did you know, you’ve been doing it all your life. You’ve come to realize how rejection, disappointment, and sometimes unmet expectations, have actually shaped you fully. It’s given you a perspective outside of yourself that brings you peace of mind. Joy and Understanding. Simply, you have the ability to assess a situation and learn from it. That’s not an easy job, but you’ve built the confidence and trust in yourself to do it. Even when it hurts inside, makes you feel embarrassed, or even makes you question who you are. The process itself has developed your sense of self-worth, which undoubtedly has blossomed into the most tangible feeling you’ve ever experienced of true self-love.

As you’ve deepened the connection to love of self, the discomfort, uncertainty, and change you’ve experienced has only strengthened who you are. Not just as a woman in your own; mentally, physically, and emotionally present. But as a friend, daughter, sister, neighbor, or friendly stranger on the street. You’ve truly become You and you should be proud. While you know very well that as humans we are ever-evolving, you’ve also learned that it is essential to remember who you are.

I know after last night you woke up today feeling some type of way — a mix of disheartened, surprised, bummed, and maybe a little confused or sad. But remember what that psychic/energy reader told you.

Everything is always good.

When you reflect on this moment, it’ll be a memory more about you (not him, or him, or the him before him). It’ll tell you more about yourself than anyone else. Your vibration is just different, often times higher than (any of the men) you’ve felt a deep connection with at one point or another. Even with what did or did not come into fruition, you know very well intention is nothing but a two way street. It’s never sad to look back on a connection that felt so real. Can you blame yourself for living in the moment? It’d be silly to discredit it for what it was, because no matter what, it will always be.

Love is all around and is coming to you. With an open heart, no fear of vulnerability, and the aim to love only but unconditionally; the universe sees you.

She is You.