CANDYSAN HAUL & Popin’ Cookin’: Cake Shop Review/Tutorial

Hello Loves,

I’m just going to get straight to the point! JAPANESE SNACKS!

I’ve been in love with Japanese Snacks since forever! They are absolutely mouth-watering goooood! Compared to Australian snacks, they are way more exotic, weird, fun, and full of flavour!

I purchased a whole bunch of goodies from CandySan a few weeks back and was very satisfied with nearly all the products. So… of course, I had to do another order!

I purchased 4 different DIY Kits from ‘Kracie’ and ‘Heart’ because of all the rage going on atm, I had to try it for myself. The pricing was affordable and shipping took less than a week, which was really GOOD since it normally takes 2 week for Australia.

Japanese DIY Kits are seriously A-MAZ-ING! Who would have thought that you could literally create miniature food/dessert with candy?!? And the best part…. all you need is WATER!

Here’s a simple photo tutorial and review for Popin’ Cookin’: Cake Shop Kit!

Let’s Get Started!

What it comes with:

2x Icing (Cream) powder packs (White & Pink)

1x Sprinkle pack

1x Piping bag

1x Spoon

2x Ice Cream Cones

1x Waffle Bowl

2x Wafers

1x Mixing Tray

Cut-out plates and cone wraps

You need Water for this kit!

Making the Icing (Cream):
Start of by cutting the side measuring cup out and set aside. Pour the powder mix into the tray, on each side. Add 1 scoop of the measuring triangle and mix mix mix! (The measuring cup is the white Triangle)

The consistency should be thick like cake icing. Scoop the icing into each side of the piping bag. (This part was messy and hard -.-“)

Everything is now set-up. Pipe! Sprinkle! Add Wafer! Serve! (My icing was so bad but lucky the sprinkles made them look so much better!

I loved how everything was included and all you needed was water. Mixing, decorating, piping was really fun. However, I hated the taste! It tasted like flour but less taste with a sandy, thick consistency.

Please leave a comment below on which product you would like me to review/tutorial next!

Thank you for Reading!

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