20 January

US embassy London

Decisions, decisions. Whatever you decide, Rockwellian everyman, tomorrow’s another day…

Bernie’s wife gets an early start
How did you get those paperclips past security?
The pen may be mightier than the sword, but you’d better put a string on that if you don’t want it to disappear with the first petitioner
Speaking of buttons, is there still room on that hat?
The Revolution won’t be paperless
Splinter groups
At least Trump was spellchecked
I’m sure she will if she has to
Warming up for the big day tomorrow
Speaking of which. Capital effort, ladies.
These protesters were too short to fit in the picture
Is that you again, Jane?
First time I’ve seen an email address that’s tl;dr
“It takes a lot to get me out of the house.”
The paparazzi love a dictator
You’re going to crop me out, right?
That’s OK, we can photoshop the outrage in later
That’s more like it! There’s an art to the photo-op
Hold on, nobody’s protesting Pop-Tarts. The aisle of dreams at nearby Selfridges, an English institution which also caters to American tastes. Hey, it was warm.
“I heard there would be Pop-Tarts”
One face for the CCTV, the other for me
Great guy. He protested the Vietnam War here in the 60s. I should’ve offered him a Pop-Tart.
“If you have anything truly interesting to say we’ll need to edit that out”
Last picture before I called it quits. “We’re just waiting for Lily Allen now.”
I pledge allegiance to the sidewalk
Play nice, children. What can I say, the National Gallery is open til 9 on Fridays
Reading all about the big horse. Not my first one today…
‘Lovers on Horseback’ by the appropriately named Sophie Ryder, back at Grosvenor Square.
News agent at the train station. All aboard!

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