A River Runs Through It

Welcome to my old hometown.

Tiffin People (click for more)
It was his hometown, too. That’s William Harvey Gibson, “raised in a family that valued hard work, plain dress, temperance and sympathy for the unfortunate,” according to Wikipedia. He was said to be a very eloquent speaker, though you probably didn’t want to get him started on temperance, unless you had a lot of time to kill.
Gibson groupie. That dress could be plainer.
“99 Bottles of beer on the wall” was strictly forbidden within earshot
The man himself during the Civil War. Note to horse: history records that you were shot from under your rider. Run, fast, to an alternate timeline! Maybe one where they didn’t tear down the last courthouse
Yeah, that one.
Oh, and here’s his coat. The second braid is a spare in case he had to use the first one. “For what?” you ask. That’s a good question.
He looks like he might sell braiding. And buttons. And a million other things. Cabin Creations, on South Washington Street.
Founder guy
I only put this here because it makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the picture of Josiah Hedges looks a bit spooky
Here’s a fine looking horse-drawn hearse that it appears Ida didn’t need after all. In storage at the Seneca County Museum.
Presumably they had one of these in the hearse’s first aid kit
This is kind of random. Well, more random than usual.
Next time you honk at someone tell them it’s for peace
Note to Earth: need more members of the club
If you ever have a fire make sure you call the *real* fire department, these guys only use seltzer
Shall we head back?
The museum still has a subscription
If you find your teeth / Are giving naught but grief / This promise we now make / Your jaw we will not break
His boss was always looking over his shoulder. POTUS #18 in fighting trim at the Civil War Museum.
As long as we’re doing old photos, here are some high school students, looking like they were held back more than a few years
I’m half expecting to see Jack Nicholson
Daughters of the American Revolution, not too many generations from literally
I’m thinking that blouse has some Georgia O’Keeffe in it, which puts a whole different spin on things
You, with the chin curtain, are you responsible for the state of that blouse up yonder?
Graffiti artist calls attention to small gene pool
The walking dead don’t always have a sense of humor
She hands out Halloween candy
Don’t get between her and her pony
Bus makes all stops back through your childhood
If only she hadn’t given her MedAlert bracelet to her granddaughter as a keepsake
Another success story from the Dorian Gray dating agency
It’s bad form for a guest to wear the same thing as the bride
Sacajawea’s Facebook status: Tease
Where’s the symbol for app?
The Nature Channel must be on again
The headlight exhibition is across the room
You can go ride your bike after you do your churning, young lady
We take off shoes at our house, too
Grandpa was always playing his music too loud
he also liked a good cigar
and the occasional road trip, which the makers of his favorite brew were only too happy to sponsor.
There’s glass in that thar Glass Museum
Some of it’s downright fancy
Fantastic tour guide
What happens when an ice cream truck parks outside The Ritz
↑ To be honest, sometimes it’s hard to tell. But it’s great to have a book shop downtown
I love you Kroger
Who wouldn’t march in that parade
For those who think the Slaughtered Lamb is for wimps
Westgate: Everything must go
Opening soon: Meow Meadows
Look closely and you’ll see why screens are a necessity
Growing up, I entered plenty. (Shall I rephrase that?) Welcome to the Park Avenue pause. Part II, on the other side of the green, must have been judged too short to justify its own name. The sign(s) arrived some time after I left home.
Residents use all weapons at their disposal to combat an annual menace
My nephew drew this when he was a kid…
…and bought this when he grew up. Probably better resale value.
Spotted out on a limb in London. Can you give me a hint about that tattoo?
Oh, I see it now!