Peachtree City Christian Church “Cafe Service”

Travelling through the land of peaches Beverly and I found ourselves visiting a wonderful church and ministry at 500 Kedron Drive, Peachtree Georgia 30269. Should you find yourself travelling Beverly and I would suggest you pay them a visit.

I have attended churches which serve coffee but the idea of a Cafe Service intrigued us. Though the church has multiple service styles (a traditional service was going on in the chapel) we attended the Cafe Church with my niece and her family which attends this church regularly. I couldn’t wait to share this experience. But I did and here it is, enjoy!

What a wonderful group of people sharing their love of Christ, not only among the congregation and guests but to others around the world.

We got a little kick out of the pastor’s greeting which included welcoming a few Yankees. He got that right, lol. We later discussed whether that was directed to us and it was unanimous within the family that it was. All in fun and the welcome was warm all around. The concept of a cafe church is that it is lined up with a room full of round tables with a Cafe kitchen where you can go in and buy coffee, doughnuts or snacks to carry to your table. I had to check this out but they wouldn’t let me pay for my coffee and cinnamon roll which I carried back to share with Beverly as the service was beginning.

The service opened with a lovely modern worship song which we had not heard before and could not identify. My brother Greg Rucker had briefed me on the great sermons of Senior Pastor George Dillard. Today’s message was no different.

His topic this day pointed out a mother in the bible we know as Rachel. He suggested that we should look out for the interests of others. From the book Gelations there is the suggestion that we should bear the burdens of others. Have the attitude of Christ.

Love, serving, forgiveness, surrender; the list goes on and on. We choose to call it love! The Pastor pointed out that we should lead a Christ Centered life and not a self centered church. He also pointed out Phillipians Chapter 2, verse 3 which is the basis for much of his message which is the promotion of a Christ Centered love.

We should do nothing from selfish ambition. Wherever Christ takes me I will go. Value each other above yourself. A Greek translation of others is “those who are different”! Christ himself challenged us to look after others. Have the attitude of Christ.

The Pastor discussed that self centered people are often jealous. Jealousy tempts us to mistake our will for the will of God. This is not how God wants us to proceed in our lives. He quoted from Genesis 30, verse 8.

Pastor George told a story of a friend wanting to sell a home some years ago. Homes were selling pretty good then, he put his home up in the 90 thousands but months later it had not sold. He reduced the price several times, spent more money remodeling and nine months later sold the home for less than he paid for it. His friend came to him saying, Pastor selling this home was God’s will. The Pastor thought, it took nine months to sell your home, you had to reduce the price multiple times and had to put more money into the property to sell it for less than he paid for it. Perhaps it really wasn’t God’s will.

We should not allow jealousy or envy to run our lives. Jealousy throws out of balance the things we value. Often we carry things we should leave behind. Often jealous people see winning as the only thing.

What determines winning? Jesus said it this way, “if you were to secure all the riches of the world but lost your soul would that be winning”?

Howard Hughes who was richer than most countries was once asked, “how much money is enough”. He said, “just one more dollar”! The self centered person may take, take, take. He may see winning as not just everything, but the only thing. People who see winning as everything are rarely satisfied. Self centered people often don’t care who they lie to. He quoted Phillipians, chapter 2, verse 5.

Back to the story of Rachael, don’t let jealousy rule our lives or throw off the balance of our lives and do not mistake our will for that of God’s. is the web address if you would like to learn more about this church and their very diverse and qualified ministerial staff. Their music ministry was wonderful though I did not script today’s songs.

Communion was at a given point in the service when the congregation automatically rose individually and at will during a certain song to visit one of two Communion stations set up in the room. There was no hurry about it and it was quite a relaxed and beautiful Communion period.

Another service item I found to be quite unique was the blackboard at the rear of the room where the congregation were invited to script their prayer requests in chalk.

One of the churches large mission projects is to raise funds to build living huts in Guatemala. In June of this year PTC3 will take a construction crew to the country with the plan to build a minimum of twelve huts (houses for the people of this country). My photos will help you with some of the cost information and will show you what a blessing they will be. This is certainly a church sharing the love of Christ to help meet the needs of others. If any of you would see it in your heart to financially support this project I have enclosed the address for your information. See ya in church!