A Day In the Life…

OSU SWE Vice President

Name: Jaclyn Thomason

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Year in College: 4th — graduating in May 2017!

How did I get to where I am today?

Like any normal freshman, I was overwhelmed by the Fall Involvement Fair (hosted right before school begins, an event with booths lined up all around the Oval for clubs you may want to get involved in) and signed up for numerous clubs on campus, SWE being one of them. As freshman year went by, I let academics consume my life, leaving very little time to get involved with organizations that soon would be life changing. As the end of sophomore year approached, I applied to a committee chair position to plan the 50th Annual SWE Banquet. During that time, I was able to meet and connect with a lot of women who had similar goals and interests. It was refreshing to finally pry out of my academic cocoon and begin to enjoy college with people who were facing the same challenges. Building those friendships gave me the confidence to run for an officer position that Spring. Three hours later, I survived elections and was selected as the new Special Events Coordinator.

Growing up, I had always enjoyed planning and seeing projects start to finish, so I knew my role was going to be challenging yet exciting. Throughout that year, I successfully planned numerous fundraisers, with the help of many committed and talented SWE members. It wasn’t until the annual conference in Nashville, TN and the regional conference in Cincinnati, OH, where I became really close to such intelligent, funny, caring, and beautiful women. They made OSU feel more and more like home, for which I was incredibly grateful.

Conferences, conferences, conferences!

Towards the end of junior year, I debated running for the president or vice president position. Realizing the course load and organizations I had to commit to the following year, I put forth all of my efforts towards running for vice president. With the support of my fellow SWiEsters, I was able to secure the position.

Since starting my last officer role, I have kept busy with developing and launching a new mobile application for our section. Minus a few setbacks, it has been a great learning experience and I am excited to see where the project goes. Over the past 3.5 years, SWE has helped me grow as a leader, individual, and has challenged me to reach outside of my comfort zone. I will forever cherish the friendships I have formed over the past years and hope to continue building many of them after graduation. I hope that before I leave Ohio State, I will be able to help many other girls find their home within SWE and at OSU.

Please contact me at Thomason.23@osu.edu if you have any questions about getting involved, what my additional tasks are as the VP, or anything else I can help out with! Go Bucks!

If anyone has any questions about the role or would like to shadow me/any other officer please do not hesitate to reach out! Please email me at osuswe@gmail.com!