The Anatomy of Fashion

Our body goes through a lot of abuse to survive. But more than that, we choose to put our body through a lot of stress to achieve a certain point of expresssion. Some will undergo hours of sitting under the tattoo gun. Others will spend countless time at the gym to perfect their physique. Some will go to the extreme and go under the knife for a cosmetic change.

But fashion. Clothing. Sneakers. These can become an extension of our body, therefore another art of expression (like I explained in my last post). Meaning that we dont have to go in harm’s way to express ourselves when it comes to fashion.

*None of my statements will/should imply expensive pieces*

But where does one start? Like everything in life, we need to start on solid ground. Start from the ground up. AKA the sneakers.

*DISCLAIMER* Season definitely does play into what you choose to wear. So remember to keep that in mind.

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Sneakers can make or break your entire outfiit. Its not a matter of them being always pristine and looking brand new all the time. Its a matter of the sneakers complimenting the textile and the structure of the rest of your style pieces. The real question of sneakers is, “Am I complimenting the rest of my outfit with my choice of shoes?”

Some sneakers are more versatile than others. Some such as Chelsea Boots can fit in the lines of urban wear and formal wear. Which is good because in a way it saves shelf space for other sneakers. Whether it’s Jordan 1’s, or just a pair of Chucks, start off your entire outfit with a solid foundation.

The condition of sneakers tells a lot. We have to remember that while the outfit is put together as a whole, each individual piece tells a different part of the person. Do you want to tell your “audience” that you walk a cautious life with deadstock shoes, or do you want tell them that you live a casual life, and a little damage doesnt hurt with a worn shoe?

Next piece up are the bottoms. Given the background of my taste is catered more towards urban wear, the trend for me when it comes to pants is a tapered look. On any type of bottom. Sweats, track pants, jeans, joggers, zipper pants. A tapered/skinny bottom look gives an impression of casual look while a straight or bootleg cut bottom may give off a more comfortable, laid-back feel.

Jeans specifically can do a lot, and because of the different washes and cuts, you can tell a lot of different stories about yourself. distress shows edge, while a baggy cut shows sloppiness. Again, what story do you want to tell today?

Besides the face and the sneaker, humans look at the torso the most, because its one of the largest portions of the body. It tells a lot. It can attract, or reject. So what you put on top of it is vital to the purpose of your self-expression.

More important than the actual top itself, the fit of it is essential to bringing out the best potential of your artpiece. A more tapered fitted shirt/pullover gives a more sleek and slim look, while oversized, or a disproportioned top could just about ruin the whole aesthetic of the canvas. You dont want to ruin the whole outfit when you put so much thought and work into picking your bottoms and sneakers. Staying consistent in your fit is usually advised, but its your canvas, so feel free to do what you want.

Right now my personal choice of fit is to wear something more loose and baggy fitted on top while simultaneously wearing tapered skinny pants. Remember, rules of fashion are only temporary. So its okay to break them.

At the end of the day, you have complete control over what you choose to put on and wear. You don’t have to go out of your way to always stay “in” and burn your wallet dry. If you feel fresh in a vintage 30 year-old shirt with some beat up chucks that you went hiking, so be it. If you can fit it, then you can rock it. Its all in your hands of how you want to toss up your outfit today, tomorrow, and forevermore.

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