The Start…

The cliche of “every journey starts with the first step,” is a very real thing. The funny thing is that a lot of the times, the start is often the most intimidating part.

Speaking from experience, starting a fashion blog was something I wrestled with for a while.

All these questions bombarded my mind: “Should I post better content on IG?” “How serious should I take it?” “I wonder what other people will think of me…” And the worst one, “Will I even make it…?”

These daunting questions is what hindered me from realizing what I really wanted and what was best for me.

And it’s not to say that these questions dont pester me anymore. But what is crucial and vital to walking in one’s convictions from Above is one thing: *Persevere*

Perseverance- steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

I know that I’m not big right now, or that I’ve “made it” yet. But something I learned throughout this whole process of taking my Social Media influence and content more seriously is that journey is just that- a journey.

So enjoy it. The Promise is always going to be there. So live in the moments of growth and perseverance.

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