There was a little boy named


and he loved to sing. His mom had sung him to sleep every night but one day she stopped. Thebel tugged on his mom’s shirt for his nightly hymn but she was sleeping.

What was he going to do?

He was never faced with that situation before Thebel crawled into bed and slept next to his mom. He tried to sleep but he tossed and turned. He put his arm over mom and

she was cold.

He put a blanket over her but she was still cold. He didn’t understand


Thebel tried waking his mom. She shook gently but did not wake up. Mom?

Thebel got his favorite bed time story and read it to his mom, well at least the parts he remembered. Little Thebel couldn’t read yet.

Little Thebel fell asleep and woke up in a strangers arms. He moved around frantically and called for his mom but

this stranger

called dad said that she had left him. Thebel didn’t like this dad person. Mom would never leave him. She promised him every night before he went to bed...

Thebel grew up as fast as he could so he could find his mom. No matter where he looked or who he asked no one had seen her. He asked the stranger dad but he kept saying she was somewhere he couldn’t meet her.

Thebel began to write books. He wrote books in hopes that his mom would read them and find him. Little did he know, there was another surprise waiting for him.

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