Stop Doing the Most: 5 Telltale Signs You Might Be Doing Too Much

Are you running on empty? Does your everyday schedule feel like it’s getting out of hand?

Maybe you’re doing too much.

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You’re having trouble sleeping and/or concentrating.

Sleep and concentration issues are the absolute worst. You’re just not useful on less than at least six hours. If you notice that your sleep is less than peaceful or that you simply have trouble focusing on everyday tasks and routines then you might be doing the most and should reevaluate the items on that full day-planner of yours.

You’re always canceling on plans or double booking yourself.

Oh no, you didn’t. Not again — you’ve double booked yourself, or worse yet, you’ve completely spaced and forgot you even made plans with someone. It’s one thing to be late to something you said you’d be there for, it’s another thing entirely to miss it altogether. If you find yourself ‘spread too thin’ with too many plans or events you just can’t keep track of, try scaling back on your agenda. You can’t be everywhere at once and people know this. Sure they might be a little upset that you can’t join them, but think of how much more upset they’d be if you ended up canceling on them at the last minute, or not even showing up at all.

You’re hearing it from people that love you.

Has your roommate confronted you about your irritability lately? Maybe it’s not them, it’s you. If you’re hearing from others how frazzled or easily agitated you’ve been, try taking them seriously and take their words to heart. Remember, they’re on your side.

You’re exhausted (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.).

I’ve mentioned before in regards to anxiety, if your body is responding, take note of it. Your body can tell you things your mind can’t…or won’t. One huge sign that you might need to take a few things off of your plate is if you find yourself in a constant state of exhaustion.

You can’t seem to keep priorities straight anymore.

Though this one might be more of a spiritual discipline in need of development — if you are having a harder time than usual with prioritization, perhaps it’s time to cut back on some things. If you can’t keep your priorities straight not only will you fall (or get left) behind on important tasks, but others will have a hard time trusting you with their own time.

Tips to alleviate the stress of doing too much:

  • If you use a planner, take time to circle or highlight the tasks you need to get done, and do them first.
  • If you don’t use a planner, get one. Write down your plans for the day, week or month ahead.
  • Take note of any and every important date (i.e. a friend’s wedding, relative’s birthday, work event, etc.) and also put it into your phone.
  • Set an alarm if you need to. Set it to go off one hour or two before a scheduled appointment or important meeting.
  • Cut it out altogether. If there’s something on your schedule that just doesn’t work for you anymore, drop it. Maybe it’s time for a change. If you must, take it off your plate. It’s better to do well in some things than to do poorly in all things. Multitasking is not always best.

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social worker. aspiring radical doula. dog aficionado. a girl with a lot of words in her head and not enough space to store them.

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