Reflections During Break Time

Monday morning. Break time. Reviewing JavaScript “Vanilla”. Starting from scratch. Working our way through. After break we’ll do the same thing with React. Kind of awesome that I’m able to following along. To answer questions. To comprehend. Actually, it’s very awesome. This is probably the third time I’ve written this (or perhaps I’ve only said it out loud) but 4 weeks ago I didn’t know that Java and JavaScript were different things. I’d never heard of CSS. Today that’s different. And that’s super cool.

The class is out in the main area. Making coffee. Playing ping pong. Playing a homemade Pac-Man machine that almost works. I’ll join them in a moment. But first I wanted to take a second to reflect on the fact that I’m getting there. I’m trusting the process. And the process is working.

How cool is that.

This past Wednesday there was a pivotal scene in “Mr. Robot” where they had to (Spoiler Alert) hack their way into the FBI’s main database. I paused the screen to examine their code. I can’t tell you how cool it was to be able to point to stuff and tell my friends what was going on. “Okay so you can see they’re using some kind of homemade browser but it looks like it’s derived from Linux. Okay so they just CD shifted from their main drive to the drive that has the hacking package. Okay so they pressed “ls” to examine what’s inside that drive. Okay so as you can see they’ve got several files inside this folder, it looks like THIS one is the one that-”


Okay so maybe they didn’t appreciate it as much as I did. That’s fine. I felt as cool as the characters on the show (except obviously I don’t know how to or have any interest in hacking the FBI…or anything for that matter).

Anyway. Cool.