This will be interesting. While we shouldn’t forget about what is better for drivers, the new AB-5 law that takes effect January 1, 2020 seems to force decisions for them, in an attempt to crush Uber.

Seems like a battle Uber cannot win: The new 3-pronged “ABC” test to determine if someone is a contractor not an employee, essentially (my interpretation/simplification, see for the actual text) says:

A. Person is free from control/direction of Uber

B. Person performs work that is outside the usual course of Uber’s business

C. Person is independent of Uber & doing work of the…

I’m not sure and have no insider information, but this job was posted to LinkedIn recently (13 September 2016):

It was less than 3 months ago (23 June 2016) that the local newspaper uncovered Google’s plan to open a San Diego office with a 60,000 sq ft space, potentially housing 250–300 employees. At the time, their only job listing in San Diego was for Google Fiber, their high-speed internet initiative. That listing is gone now, replaced by this Android engineer offering. …

From skeuomorphism to flat is how most people think of the progression of design since the advent of the smartphone, circa 2007. This is a vast oversimplification of what actually happened though. The opposite of Skeuomorphic is not Flat, it is Stylized. The opposite of Flat is Deep. When the major shift began in 2013 with iOS7, Marek Pawlowski best explained it in a chart detailing the changes afoot:

Fast forward to 2014 and Google’s release of Material Design, specifically the concept of layers of tactile materials, represented in the digital world. Obey the rules of physics but expand on…

Phil Ohme

User experience design leader. Mobile UX. Autonomous Vehicles. Formerly design strategist for product @intuit @turbotax

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