REMOTE WORKING: Liked, Longed, Lacked, Learned

As the Digital team at Tearfund, we’ve been trying really hard to have regular and open conversations about how we are working together in these very different times!

Transparency and accountability feels more important and necessary than ever. Really understanding how we are feeling and being authentic about sharing this isn’t always easy, but totally necessary to connect with each other and support each other in the best way possible.

To understand how everyone is getting on, we ran a digital team retrospective to review the last few weeks of remote working.

We followed the format: Liked, Longed, Lacked and Learned (there are loads of formats out there) and here is a summary of what we shared:

LIKED — the things we are liking 👍

LONGED — the things we are longing for 😣

LACKED — the things we feel are lacking 🤷‍♀️

LEARNED — the things we have learned 👨‍🎓

A snapshot of our collaborative Mural board.

None of these observations or comments are ground-breaking in themselves. But it’s great to have gone through this exercise together (another workshop we ran using Mural) and to have shared individually and collectively.

We are now working on prioritising a few specific actions to address the chunkier themes that came up. And we’ll keep talking about how it’s going for us all as we cycle through challenges and learn as we go.

Head of Digital @tearfund. Interested in UX, Charity Digital, Psychology, Travel. Obsessed with Ketchup. Views my own.

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