When You Become an Island —

It’s easy to lose track of the big picture -

of your own work and life — your goals, your direction,

and your larger role in this world.

— directionless

Or maybe you know where you want to be -

You have the big picture.

But as much as you do,

as much as you work and hustle with the best of them-

nothing seems to get you where you want to go.

You feel stuck.

There are many islands — of which I was one -

fighting their damnedest to be fertile land.

All the while, continents loom on the horizon — doing more than you and I could ever hope for,

as little islands of and on our own.

When You Become an Island —

You have decided to do EVERYTHING -

…on your own.

Which makes it truly difficult (but not impossible)

to accomplish ANYTHING.

— overwhelmed

Not because you’re incapable — rather because

you're stretched thin —

a long stretch of rock, trying to cover the entire sea.

It’s a hard and stressful life, being an island.

When You Become an Island —

You have become isolated.

— isolated

Closed off to new ideas, and new ways of thinking —

potential better ideas, better ways of thinking.

You stop growing — or at least growing quickly

because you don’t have time to grow.

You must focus on other things —

such as doing EVERYTHING.

You have become out of touch

with the grand scheme of things — you have lost your footing.

An island with no coordinates.

By becoming an island, you have embargoed your own creativity, and your ability to unleash the best work that’s within you, making the greatest impact to not only your life, and the lives around you, but to the world.

So how do we grow into our own, without being trapped in our own?
How do we keep our uniqueness, without losing our honesty and authenticity?

We become an Archipelago —

An island that’s alone stays small and remote -

It’s an island that chains together with another island,

(and then another, and another) creating a collective of islands,

that creates something bigger than just us — an Archipelago -

When we become an Archipelago, real magic happens.

We become a Galapagos, a Lofoten, a Lau -

Remarkable -

Thriving -

Relatable -

Eye-catching -

Diverse -

& Monumental.

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Thank you for your time,

#KeepPursuing — Josh Waggoner

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