5 Wedding ideas that will steal the show

Indian weddings are the most colorful, vibrant ceremonies in history. Sarees, sherwanis, and kurtas are all celebration wear that add to lifetime moments but modern ideas are becoming apparent in these ceremonies as well. Since Indian weddings last up to four or five days, incorporating plenty of fun activities is important to keep the party going!

  1. The modern day Golgappa

It’s the usual with a twist. Instead of the regular pani, offer watermelon pudina punch or guava cucumber mix, it’s unreal. You gotta try it to believe it.

2. Indoor Gardens

Lights, faux grass on the walls, and gorgeous flowers make this possible. Branches tied together make for elegant, rustic decorations as well. The colors of this transformation paired with you and your guests’ beautiful fashion will make for incredible photos!

3. Mehndi Everything

Your hands are not the only things that can be covered in mehndi during your wedding. Photobooths, centerpieces, table cloths, DJ request slips, guest notes, and candle holders can all be decorated with your mehndi. This adds personal aspects to your wedding and sets you apart from all the rest.

4. Sangeet Surprises

Ask guests about favourite numbers of their spouse, son, next of kin. Have the MC play these songs as fillers while calling out the person for an impromptu jive.

5. Down Wedding Lane

It is no secret that Indian culture revolves around generations and the importance of the generations before the current. Displaying family photos of the parents and grandparents of both sides is a festive way to show an appreciation for the rest of the family. This idea also allows for your wedding to be personalized and to demonstrate the joining of two families on that day.

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