70 milestones that mark 70 years of India’s freedom.

India shakes, shines, embraces and astonishes all along its incredible journey since 1947. Here are 70 moments that will fill us with pride, honour and respect.

1. 1947

As the clock strikes 12 on 15th August 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru addresses a free India - Tryst with Destiny.

2. 1948

Men’s Hockey team brings home the first Olympic Gold.

3. 1950

Our constitution is formed. India celebrates its first Republic Day.

4. 1950

The first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, sets the pace to an incredible India.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

5. 1951

India’s first Five Year Plan poised for dramatic growth and welfare.

The first 5 year plan; Source: slideshare.net

6. 1951

India successfully hosts the first edition of The Asian Games!

Source: livemint.com

7. 1951

The first Indian Institute of Technology is set up in Kharagpur, one of our nation’s premier institutions today that produces the finest graduates who go on to run organisations of the world.

Hiji Detention Camp that became IIT Kharagpur.

8. 1952

Our first elections. Did you know that several nations like the US, world’s largest democracy did not give all its people the right to vote for a long time. India did!

Source: mereprix.com

9. 1954

India establishes world’s first Department of Atomic Energy.

10. 1955

Nationalized the Imperial Bank into The State Bank of India.

Source: wikimapia.com

11. 1957

Crossing the field in all its glory, Arati Saha became the first Asian woman ever, to successfully swim across the English Channel.

Source: newflicks

12. 1959

And the lights turn to India’s first television service. Presenting:

Source: gajabhabar.com

13. 1960

Milkha Singh earns the title - The Flying Sikh in Pakistan’s historic track race.

Milkha Singh

14. 1962

Dreadfully getting run over by China, India loses its first wicket in the Indo-China War.

Source: IndiaToday.

15. 1965

Keeping the non-Hindi speakers in mind, English was officially declared as an associate language after a series of riots. Steady India steady.

Source: guruprasad.net

16. 1966

Reita Faria, the first Asian woman ever to be crowned Miss World.

Reita Faria.

17. 1966

India’s first woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

Source: Daily Mail

18. 1967

Hitting a boundary in the field of music, Pandit Ravi Shankar becomes the first Indian ever to win a Grammy Award.

Pandit Ravi Shankar

19. 1969

Hitting a six into space, India forms its legendary space agency, ISRO.

Source: forallmankind.tumblr.com

20. 1973

The launch of Project Tiger, a mission to protect our national animal.

Source: bhuwandchandwordpress.com

21. 1974

Up up and away — India tests its first nuclear device - Smiling Buddha.

Tests were carried underground.

22. 1975

India launches its first satellite, Aryabhatta, into space.

23. 1975

The film Sholay beat all box office records, running in the theatres for several years.

24. 1978

India saw the birth of its first (and the world’s second) test tube baby, Durga, at the hands of Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay.

Source: indiatimes

25. 1979

Mother Teresa wins the Nobel Peace Prize for peace.

Source: oldpicz

26. 1980

Indian Men’s Hockey team wins another gold in the Moscow Olympics!

Source: indiahockeynews.com

27. 1983

India lifts the Cricket World Cup under the legendary, Kapil Dev.

Source: bcci.tv

28. 1983

UNESCO designates Taj Mahal as a World Heritage Site.

Taj Mahal

29. 1984

Rakesh Sharma becomes the first Indian ever to travel into space.

Source: picsaboutspace

30. 1984

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy kills thousands, leaving thousands more disabled. India silences into a stillness, growing stronger within.

Source: quora.com

31. 1984

Indira Gandhi is assassinated.

The headline revealing the death.

32. 1986

PT Usha astonishes the world in the Seoul Asian Games, winning 4 golds and 1 silver.

Source: celebritiesgallery.com

33. 1987

A monumental moment as Sunil Gavaskar becomes the first cricketer to score 10,000 runs in a Test Match.

Gavaskar and his moment.

34. 1991

Kerala earns the title of ‘The State with Total Literacy.’

Source: Quora

35. 1991

India finally, adopts the economic and industrial policies — a necessity for the coming overs.

36. 1992

Satyajit Ray receives India’s first Oscar from the Academy Awards.

37. 1994

Miss Universe and Miss World making India dazzle with pride.

Source: uniquelog.blogpost

38. 1995

VSNL formally launched the Internet in India, paving the way for knowledge and strength.

39. 1997

Kalpana Chawla is the first Indian woman in space.

40. 1997

Arundhati Roy brings home the Booker Prize for her debut novel, The God of Small Things.

41. 1999

Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati create history by winning three double titles, including French Open and Wimbledon.

Source: sportskeeda.com

42. 1999

India wins the Kargil war

43. 2000

Viswanathan Anand wins the World Chess Championship!

44. 2000

India’s population has struck the 1 billion mark. What a score, Bharat!

45. 2000

We bag the three biggest titles - Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific - all in!

Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta and Diya Mirza.

46. 2001

Bhuj Earthquake left the land and its people in ruins and cracks. But we shall overcome.

Gujrat Earthquakes 2001.

47. 2004

The first individual silver after Independence - Rajyavardhan Rathore brought home hope and glory in the field of shooting.

48. 2004

The wave of tsunami crashed over the Indian shore, taking with it the Indira Point.

49. 2005

The Right to Information Act will change India’s future and its fortunes.

50. 2007

Pratibha Patil becomes the first ever woman President.

Pratibha Patil

51. 2007

Nearing the end of a tremendous innings, India won the first edition of T20 World Cup and how!

52. 2008

Abhinav Bindra become the first Indian to win the individual gold at the Olympics giving hope to a new era of professional shooting.

The Olympic Gold

53. 2008

The launch of India’s first’s lunar probe, Chandrayaani.

Source: chandrayaan.i.com

54. 2008

And then came 26/11.

55. 2009

Delhi High Court decriminalized Homosexuality.

56. 2009

India became the first country to launch the cheapest car in the world.

Ratan Tata and the Nano.

57. 2009

AR Rahman got 2 Academy awards and Gulzar got one for Slumdog Millionaire. The stadium sang in unison, Jai Ho!

Source: filmibeat

58. 2010

India’s bags 38 Gold, 27 Silver and 36 Bronze medals at the Commonwealth Games.

59. 2011

The World Cup trophy is home again.

Source: sify.com

60. 2012

Mary Kom became the only Indian Woman to have qualified for boxing in the 2012 Olympics and went on to win a Bronze!

61. 2013

Mangalyaan is launched into space.

62. 2014

India made history by becoming the first country in the world to enter the Martian orbit in its maiden attempt.

Source: stylewhack,com

63. 2014


64. 2014

Jan Dhan Yojna makes zero balance accounts a reality.

65. 2015

World Number 1 in Tennis and Badminton. Bring it on!

Sania and Siana, both from the same city, number 1 in the same year. Talk about coincidences.

66. 2016

PV Sindhu stormed across the court to win the silver and Sakshi Malik, become the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal at the Olympics.

67. 2016

On the night of 8/11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi created history with the demonetisation drive.

Source: marketExpress

68. 2017

Women rule for the first time in Indian Cricket history.

69. 2017

A decade long reform in the making — GST is introduced.

70. 2017

104 satellites launched in a single mission.

Source: The Financial Express

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