Supermassive Mind Fuck

[Doctor Who theme goes here]

I’ve been reading a lot about physics lately. Mostly because it poses some interesting philosophical questions about the nature of reality. It’s making me wish I had worked harder at math in school.

So in mathematical terms, all matter and energy can be defined as information. Basically, it’s just a bunch of info about where a particle is, it’s properties, it’s energy level, etc…

Well, when shit gets sucked into a black hole it’s supposed to disappear, forever. Except that can’t happen, because information in this universe can not ever be destroyed.

So some nerds worked out that this information actually lives on the 2d surface of the black hole– not in the 3d volume inside the black hole. That sounds logical, since in theory a black hole has no volume.

So how can a 2d surface contain 3d information?

It’s a hologram.

Well, turns out this works for the whole universe as well.

We’re living in a hologram. (probably)