Shannon & Associates independent accounting and consulting firms: Services

A holistic approach to building your business.

Shannon & Associates is a full-service CPA firm, focused on more than taxes and timelines. We’re focused on smart, sound strategies that grow our clients’ businesses — and our own. Although our roots are in accounting, our firm also provides a full range of services including accounting, auditing and tax services — plus extras such as employee benefits and accounting software consultation.

A partnership with Shannon & Associates means comprehensive expertise and a holistic, team-based approach and a full range of services designed to meet your company’s needs. We act as management consultants with a strategic structure that frees your company from the day-to-day financial details and responsibilities — letting you focus on developing your business’s full potential.

Businesses like yours are better served by a full-service CPA firm, not one limited to taxes and timelines. Call us to discover how Shannon & Associates can help you make more use of your own time and money to grow your business.

Services we offer:

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Auditing and Assurance

Financial Institutions

Tax Services & Consulting

Accounting Software & Consulting

Employee Benefit Plans & Administration

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Additional services, including business valuation, succession planning and estate tax compliance

Our Client Service Promise

At Shannon & Associates, we will:

Get to know you — understanding your business, your needs and your expectations

Tailor a service plan for you, built with the right team of talent

Collaborate with you to create solutions, combining our best thinking with yours

Be forward thinking, proactively bringing you ideas and recommendations

Be attentive, responsive and trustworthy — always doing what is in your best interest

The Result: Trusted partnerships with our clients built through extraordinary service, year after year

Shannon & Associates is committed to your success.