Olivia’s Dramatic Life Story

1. One Hundred Words

Let me tell you a little story about a girl. Born on April 26th, this ray of sunshine sprouted into this world like no other. She knew her destiny. Actually, she didn’t. She is me.

My name’s Olivia and I have a few things to tell you about myself. I’m currently in my first year of high school, balancing color guard and all honors classes. Call me a nerd, but I really do enjoy watching anime and cosplaying. I hope to be an interesting person, one who always has something to talk about.

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2. Pie Charts of my Life.

3. Music that inspires me.

I personally don’t have a single favorite music artist. I enjoy many types of music but I’m not a big fan of country or classical. One artist I enjoy is

Melanie Martinez

PC: http://www.emilysotoblog.com/melanie-martinez/

Melanie creates music with a creepy/cute undertone which really makes her different from most artists. One of her latest albums, Crybaby, is written like a storybook. Crybaby is supposed to be this character that represents her in her album. All the songs in the album connect to each other in some way. She writes her music based on events that happened in her childhood.

Below is one of her newest music videos. It includes two songs that show you how her album works like a storybook. Each song links to another.

Another music artist I enjoy is not one artist but seven. This Korean boy group is called,


PC: https://a2ua.com/bts.html

This Kpop band is probably one of the most popular Kpop bands ever. I’ve met many people that know about them in the span of one week. I personally really enjoy the way their music is created. Almost every song has a different tune to it. As a romance geek, I especially love their songs about the struggle of love.

Below is another music video. This is ‘Save Me’ by BTS. This song is is about how someone just really wants to be with their lover because when they are without them they feel alone and hopeless. A perfect song for a hopeless romantic like me.

4. What I did Friday Night 8/26/16.

On Friday, I had my first band performance. I was super excited and also very stressed because once I got to school time started ticking. We had to get hair and makeup done in 45 minutes. That seems like a long time but when everyone needs your help with doing their eyeliner, the time passes by too fast. Glitter spilling on floors, half the color guard struggling to get into uniform and the other half still doing makeup, it was hectic.

Before the official performance I managed to sprain my thumb by smashing it with a lead pipe. Two minutes before the performance to be exact! It felt like someone crushed my thumb under a truck. Regardless, I still performed. I forgot about the pain during the show and performed to my best ability.

Under this text is a picture of my guard sister and I dabbing in our uniforms.

5. A Vine of Something I Do on a Typical Day.

I’m currently in the Prospect Color Guard so I have to practice. This is an old little compilation video of me practicing some dance and flag in my backyard.

6. Three People Who Inspire Me.

I mentioned this one before in the music category.

PC: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lauren-kruczyk/no-pity-party-here-melani_b_8007290.html

Melanie Martinez is one of my inspirations. To put it simply, Melanie inspires me to be different and not be afraid to share your past and your story. She inspires me just to do whatever I can to live my life the way I want to.

Another inspiration of mine is a transgendered woman named Stef Sanjati.

PC: https://wetlandsmagazine.com/2016/04/12/vlog-recommendation-stef-sanjati/

Stef is a YouTuber who has taught me many things. She has taught me to not fear the world even if there are some troubles. She taught me to respect people and specific pronouns. She also taught me how to appreciate my life and that I should care about my own wellbeing.

My last inspiration is my guard sister.

Dani Jarosz is my guard sister.

I’ve mentioned the term ‘Guard Sister’ a few times so I’ll explain what it is. Basically, in color guard we receive “sisters”. Sisters are there to help us and they are there to befriend us.

Dani inspires me to work hard until I am at my best. She inspires me to be silly and have as much fun as possible. She has taught me to enjoy the reward after all the hard work I’ve done.

7. An inspirational quote.

“It is one thing to make a choice and it is another thing to never have the chance.”

— Allie Condie, Matched.