Wednesday’s Autumn Garden Party

Wednesday (left) & Meriwether, duh.

Beyond sharing a suitcase of clothes on our European Adventure, Meriwether and I shared a love for characterizing and studying the people traveling alongside us for those six months. (I confess to the creation of several secret makeover mood boards for some of them — I want to be prepared should someone ever reach out to me for styling suggestions.) Figuring out people’s Myers-Briggs personality type and spirit animal was also merit for long, leisurely discussion that still hasn’t ended. This is fun for us, and solidified the foundation of our friendship.

Which is why when my 21st birthday rolled around, I was shocked that Meriwether didn’t throw me a party. She said I’d have a party later. I brushed this thought aside, distracted by schoolwork and the strange things that were happening: our dorm was suddenly always coated in white dust and once and my dorm room door was slammed in my face a curious amount.

Then out of nowhere on a lovely evening in April, the thin coating of white dust overtaking our apartment made sense. As I removed my blindfold, I saw all my friends wearing paper mache masks to match their spirit animal. They’d secretly been creating these for months while I was out of the dorm. I wobbled on grass and peered at my friends as the fox I truly am inside and saw Paul the toucan, Elizabeth the cheetah, Morgan the polar bear, Emily the wolf and Emily the deer, etc.

Meriwether and Murphy.
A truck topped with the stuff to get you drunk and monster cupcakes courtesy of Meriwether.
They hung christmas lights on the trees and we took long exposure photos.

Without a shadow of doubt, this is one my favorite gifts. Maybe because it’s my belated half birthday (probably not a thing), I am filled with nostalgia for this party. I want nothing more than all my friends to hang out with me in the crisp autumn air with apple crumbles, in a British field loaded with amiable sheep.

All of this is to say, I love autumn and love friendship. Come be my friend, what are you going to be for Halloween? We’re posting that next, so get excited.

— Wednesday

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