Woke up excited to enjoy my day so I slide into my favorite jumpsuit and started washing dishes and clothes. I wanted to hang my sheets outside on the line so I hauled them to my backyard and set them up one after another. I heard someone calling my name and looked over to see my neighbor Joe standing on his side of the fence. I walked over and began chatting with him. I had forgot my suit was sheer and when I realized it I just didn’t care. He invited me in for some coffee and I agreed, I was a bit nervous but I tried to push up all the bravery that I could because of what I was wearing, you could see the color g string I had on and I also had nothing on underneath on top, everything was just out there. Ya only live once and I decided I no longer cared.

We sat at his kitchen table and not once did he bring up what I was wearing. I felt at ease sitting there it felt great not being treated differently. We asked me if I wanted to take a ride with him so again I agreed, I was already wearing my high tops and I didn’t even think about what I was wearing because he made me feel so at ease, and we left in his car driving down the road.

We made our way to the town gardens where we walked and talked enjoying the July sun without a care and a notice of anyone else. He treated me like a real lady opening doors for me and the Mart where we got coffee and sat talking and talking. I was learning alot about my neighbor which was really cool since I hadn’t really talked with him in such depth. My nipple rings showing thru my suit all proud my tats all showing to the world and I felt alive and I loved it. We drove over to the park where we walked the lawns there smelling all the flowers, he even bought me a dozen of my favorite, wild flowers. The clerk took notice of me, he simply said, you wear it well. I felt great. We left there walking down the sidewalk toward the center of town to courthouse square to the fountains and we picked out a shaded bench and sat chatting about all the people and he told me how proud he was to be with me wearing what I was wearing and that was the first time he brought up my sheer jumpsuit. I blushed a bit as I slightly covered myself from view as he hurriedly blurted out, oh no no don’t be nervous now as he explained how nice I looked.

So instantly he made me feel so at ease again telling me how classy and sultry I looked. He said I summed up a proud sexy type of look that most women couldn’t pull off. It made me feel so good was the ego boost I needed and I loved it. So I suggested we stop off at the department store so I could get some clothes hanger hooks for my laundry line. We walked in with me on cloud nine I owned it and I had fun with it. We made our way around that store with me setting eyes on fire as I passed, I grabbed his hand and we walked tall and proud around that place like we owned it and I could tell his ego was also soaring high. It was a fun time, best time I’ve had in ages.

Finally we was on the road home, I gently rubbed his hand as he drove us home. We pulled into his drive and I leaned over and started to kiss him and rub his arms, he got out and came to my side opened my door as I stood up I kissed him again using my hand to explore his areas, we only made it to his front when I had his penis in my hand pulling and tugging away. I pulled a chair over and sat in front of him right there on that front porch and began sucking that cock like it was the last. He could barely stand it but he let me play for a few minutes then he took my by the hands and forcefully spun me around and bent me over the rail, he reached down and unbuttoned my crotch and had his hard cock thrusting me in seconds.

He was excited as he pumped me from behind soft and then hard again. He was close I had already went three times so I didn’t mind. He kept slowing hoping to enjoy me longer but he was having a hard time. He couldn’t take it no more he rammed me real hard for a few seconds and then in one fast motion he pulls me around forcing me to my knees and pushes his throbbing cock into my mouth as he begins to explode one big pump of cum after another into my mouth I was orgasmic again from that I couldn’t help it. He just kept pumping for nice long time as I loved each second of it.

I was beside myself and he was also, we hadn’t even took notice that the mailman had walked up but we didn’t care we just laughed it off and sat on his porch swing resting our bodies.

What a day it was I got to know a great person and we made me feel like a queen, he treated me amazing all day during our time out n about. And taught me that a girl can wear whatever she wants out without being treated second class and oh the fun we had on his porch. I don’t turn down his invites for coffee any more and he keeps treating me like a lady.

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