The car ride.

I had been talking to my neighbor about this little road trip I needed to take but with hubby gone I had no way to Pittsburgh. He kindly said he’d drive me which was a big big help. We had been friends forever and he was a cute guy but sometimes he was a little out there. We packed up the car and started making our way out of the city where we live. And just like always the talk leads to sex or lust etc and something came up about this little hot dog shop and he was saying it was in one plaza and I was swearing he was wrong so just like Stanley he says I’ll bet you I’m right and if I win you have to give me road head, so since I knew exactly where it was I agreed.

We made our way down south street and I pointed to the place and sure enough they had moved and I didn’t know that so he was right and I was wrong. And since I always pay my bets I slide right over and started rubbing his leg and blowing in his ear. He undid his pants and I pulled out his cock and started slowly stroking it and rubbing it. It’s been sometime since I’ve given road head but I was more then willing. It’s been hot last few days here in Ohio d the Windows was down and of course he wanted something to eat so we decided on burger king, after talking about what we was getting I got right to sucking his cock, it was a big thrill. We hit a read light with two guys in a dump truck right next to us which really got me going but after the light turned green we lost those guys but it was drive thru time and I was just enjoying myself sucking his cock I didn’t bother to stop as we pulled up to the window. We asked me if I needed a straw and I said nope and got right back to doing my thing. I couldn’t see but they was just nervous as shit seeing road head but who gives a fuck.

We got back on the road and I had him rock hard he was driving perfect thou, we entered the turn pike gates and took off down the Ohio turnpike. I was so into sucking him it wasn’t even funny, he had his hand up my dress fingering me like crazy I must have had five big O’s while he did that to me. He was so hard but I could tell he was close but I still had 45 minutes left to suck him part of the bet was it had to be a certain mile marker till I either made him cum or he gave in but I knew he wouldn’t give in..

The mile marker finally past and even more miles but I just kept him going. We get to where we was going and he still hadn’t fun yet. I got him out of the car and I keeled down in front of him and I sucked his cock till he came. It was huge, he was nervous about the people seeing us but he was able to let me finish him which I loved doing. He shot out a big wad. I cleaned him up and we went on with our business. I don’t often lose bets but when I do I make sure to pay my dept.

True stories is all I’ll be writing here. Think what you will, I’m not boring and that’s that.. What hubby don’t know, well you know lol.

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