How to Advocate for Gender Equality in Africa

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One of my favourite quotes is this: “You don’t have to experience something yourself before you can have empathy for those who go through it.” – By me??? I’m not sure who said it or if I coined it, but it’s remained in my mind.

In January 2020, security forces, backed by the Lagos State government in Nigeria forcefully removed the 10,000 residents of Tarkwa Bay from their homes with no prior warning and no provision for alternative housing on the grounds that they were criminals vandalizing oil pipelines in the area. According to Osai Ojigho, Director, Amnesty International Nigeria, “What is happening at Tarkwa Bay, Lagos is a violation of human rights. …

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I was almost arrested once.

Well, maybe not almost. It was about 2am one Friday when two policemen took me and my friends, Mark, Chinedu and Binti* into their raggedy van, because we were driving at night and had no school IDs on us. …

I obtained my law degree from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria in 2017 after which I proceeded to the Nigerian Law School. Following the release of our results, I will be called to the Nigerian Bar in November, 2018. I also plan to study for my Master’s Degree in International Human Rights soon.

I am passionate about achieving gender equality in all spheres in the African society. Patriarchy, the system now in place, is deeply ingrained in our culture and passed on through social conditioning. …

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