Purpose of Life

Jose Aragones from Unsplash

People can be broken down into two categories:

1. Those who believe in God

Belief can be a very strong reason to live life without thought. Stronger the belief, weaker is the ability to think rationally. Beliefs may skew the mental model of a person to think in only those past beliefs that have been drilled into the thought process. However, a belief in God may make life very easy for the believer. The person now does not have to distraught himself in the thought of what was is good or evil, neither does he have to contemplate his existence or the purpose of his life. He is now living by a set of rules handed to him by his holy book and is only concerned with the necessities of his body and emotions. His philosophy, spirit, soul or whatever else it may be called is now at ease. He does not need to go out and think about what actions are good for his well being and what are not.

2. Those who do not believe in God

More people are choosing to believe in “science” day by day and dismiss the idea of God. Funny thing is, science cannot prove that there is no God. We as mortals are too insignificant in this immortal universe to be able to understand or know for certain if there are immortal beings such as God or not. We may only create elaborate theories and assure ourselves that this is the truth but in reality, we will never know.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength” -Marcus Aurelius

The Truth

Mental illnesses are increasing day by day. Many people will offer their thoughts on why. Explanations range from watching too much news to eating too much junk food to not getting enough sunlight. Most of these explanations are right. However, it’s not just one thing or the other. It’s an accumulation of bad habits.

Mental illnesses are increasing as people have lost the knowledge to life. The purpose of nature and its rules evade these young minds of atheists. They do not know good from evil. To live life the correct way requires an understanding of the laws of nature.; to understand how insignificant we are and how sacred is life. When one does not his soul is restless. It does not understand it’s very own purpose. It starts to distract itself.

“I’m trying to discover myself” is very real. You’ll only ever hear an atheist say the phrase. Why? Because his soul has no purpose other than to find why it exists. Once it does, only then can life truly begin.

There is no purpose to life, rather than just living it. In essence, the purpose of life is to know how nature works and to work with it. A healthy person has three signs of well being; a fit body, an efficient mind, and a calm soul. A person may only be healthy if he understands the laws of his nature and respects them.