Hey guys!

Market’s been kind of shaky recently because of COVID-19 and some other issues like the US-China Trade War and Europe’s Brexit and it is actually quite exciting for me since i just started investing a few months ago and now i’m actually experiencing a market correction of at least 10% and who knows, there may be more downside to come. Not talking about my own portfolio but the stock market in general.

To be honest, it is quite thrilling to see stocks go down.

But sometimes when you have limited funds or some say bullets, it can be…

Let’s get started..

Bank Stocks

I always wanted to get my hands on the 3 Singapore Banks in my portfolio ever since i started reading about investing which are:

1. United Overseas Bank Limited (U11.SI)

2. Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (O39.SI)

3. DBS Group Holdings (D05.SI)

Bank stocks consist many of the traits Buffett use to be considered to be part of his portfolio.

  • First, banks serve an important societal need that will never go away.
  • Second, bank’s business models are relatively simple to understand, a key requirement of Buffett’s investing philosophy.
  • Third, for a long time, the banking sector…

Hey guys, Nick here again!

(introducing myself is so cringey 😂)

This is my second portfolio update and it will be the last for 2019.

I will try to keep it short so you don’t get bored!

Okay, so it has been about 5 months since i started investing and to be honest, i’m still very new to investing and hope to learn from many of the more financial savvy people out there.

I will start the blog post with my Robo-Advisor’s performance.

After the previous update, i have decided now to allocate $300 equally into my StashAway, MoneyOwl and Syfe while the rest of…

What Is this FIRE Movement that everyone is talking about?

If you’ve been watching the financial headlines, chances are good you’ve heard of FIRE. It stands for “Financial Independence Retire Early.”

There are a lot of misconceptions about what you have to do to be part of the movement — and things you can learn even if early retirement is the last thing on your mind.

But in general, FIRE is associated with living frugally, aggressively accumulating money during one’s working years, and amassing enough to live off your wealth way before the official retirement age.

Koufu Group Limited (SGX.VL6) is one of the largest operators and managers of food courts and coffee shops in Singapore and Macau.

Koufu was listed on SGX in July 2018, and it has reported a good set of earnings in Q3 2019 net profit grew 19% y-o-y — S$7.2m. Earnings was boosted by new outlets, growth in existing outlets as well as margin expansion.

The group has many brands (shown below) that cater to different segments of customers.

Let’s get started..

Have you ever wondered how some people have so much free time yet their money never seem to disappear or even show signs of exhaustion?


My name is Nick and i’m currently in my twenties.

Oh wait, I also go by the nickname of SCENE.

This is my first personal finance blog post so forgive me if i suck at writing!

This blog will mostly be about my financial journey as someone who is in his 20s looking to grow his portfolio into a 6-digit portfolio by the age of 30 which is my current goal as of now.

I started investing in robo-advisors in April 2019 because i didn’t know how to invest and what to invest in at all. Totally regretted not…


Someone who loves to read about the financial market during his free time, wants to manage his finances and invest his money for his retirement.

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