I am in love with you, Grrrrobert, simply for putting me in such esteemed company.
Allan Ishac

On Medium alone last year, I supposedly read in the region of 3,000 articles and 4,517 minutes doing so — that’s like 8 LOTR marathons. Would it be arrogant to say I read a fair amount?

From tech and development, entrepreneurship, design and creativity, to parenting and what’s it like to be a skateboarder with spina bifida or a gay kid in Brazil; my reading list is fairly broad.

Here’s the thing…

After reading Grrrrobert's article (G-dogg for short?), I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore… Whether or not I should use React or Vue; how to raise my gorgeous kid to be awesome and not an ***hole one day; how to be a good man and a good husband to my varsity sweetheart; whether or not I should actually be doing those 10 things that successful CEO’s do every morning; and — basically — the meaning of life. I can literally see the paradigm shifting in front of me.

What I do know? In the face of the absurdity and farce that is both our presidents (yours is the one that looks like an Oompah-Loompa with a cat stuck to his head; mine’s the one that looks like a Ninja Turtle that can’t count numbers bigger than 9), the one truth we have is humour. Sure, I don’t hit the heart on every one of your posts, some even reach an offsides point for me, but I see what you’re doing and I get it.

Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Colbert — these guys are as serious as they are hilarious. You included. This shit’s funny, but it’s also soooo not funny.

Love your work. Most of it. Also, I like Thunderpuff’s more. But she’s weird funny. You’re satirical funny. And like, she draws stuff, you don’t. Okay, I like you both equally. Jeepers.

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