Enough is enough

That was the final straw, and George decided he’d had enough. His mother and father continued fighting as he snuck out his bedroom window. He had to escape, his headphones couldn’t drown out the noise anymore. When they fought, it was as if the entire house was shaking and on the brink of crumbling down. George wasn’t even sure what they were fighting about anymore. He thought that maybe for once it would be a good day at home. Dinner had ran smoothly, well as smoothly as it can be when your parents can’t stand the sight of each other. But then George’s mom spotted the pile of bills that had been growing for weeks and it spiraled into one of their worst fights yet. Sometimes it was paying the bills, sometimes it was about the dishes, sometimes is was about his dad’s messy car, and sometimes it was about George. He was hoping they would notice he left, maybe then it would stop the fighting. Maybe then they would realize what the fighting is doing to him. But after an hour of sitting at the park down the street, George knew it was hopeless. Maybe he ought to go make sure everything is okay. He always worried about violence breaking out between them. It had happened before. George and his mother had to go to his Grandmothers for a few days. But he didn’t turn back around and starting walking to his house. He continued walking for what felt like miles. Cars flew past him and the streetlights seemed eternally bright. As he continued to walk late into the night, he felt water on his face streaming down his face and while George tried to convince himself it was rain, it was his own tears. Tears that would not stop falling until he had felt every last drop roll down his cheeks and onto the sidewalk. The tears of realizing his parents had yet to notice he was gone, tears because he couldn’t stop their fighting. He wondered if he even mattered to them. If he was the reason the fought, that maybe without him their marriage would still be in tact. Maybe if he wasn’t such a burden. Maybe if he hadn’t asked for a new XBOX for Christmas. So then he walked and walked until finding a destination. It was busy, full of people trying to get somewhere. He wondered if they wanted to escape like he did or if any of them were going home to see their families. George slowly approached the ticket booth and asked for a one way ticket. The man responded, “Where to son?”. And all George could say was. “Surprise me.”