Update: December

So, I think i didn’t follow my wedding timeline religiously because we’re 80% with barang dulang as we went to JPO on the 4th. Mmmkay. Even the base of the dulang. Just need to get a couple of things left:

  • Shoes for dulang (both)
  • Wallet (him)
  • Telekung + sejadah (both)
  • Ring (me)
  • 1 set jewellery (me)
  • Comfy heels for event day (me)
  • Ribbons and knick-knacks for dulang (him)
  • Necklace stand

That is all i think for now at 4.14am. Almost done with dulang. With that aside, we can concentrate more on the important stuff like the sketches of my 2 dresses, theme color for deco and huge amount of deposits. So far it has been fun and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. So, amendments for new timeline:

December 2016

  • Settle dulang
  • Start designing card, poster and label
  • Summarise ideas for wedding dress
  • Order berkat

January 2017

  • Sketch out dress designs
  • Do mood board for bridal
  • Do mood board for deco
  • Get remaining dulang stuff if possible
  • Start dulang per item?

February 2017

  • Book venue
  • Bridal fitting
  • Finalise deco theme
  • Deposit for both
  • Buy and install heater
  • Ask papa about door installation

March 2017

  • Enquire candy corner munchies
  • Finalise candy corner w adik

April 2017

  • Book flights and hotel
  • Set aside budget for honeymoon
  • Dulang should be 50% done
  • Money box to be done

May 2017 — Ramadan 27th, Saturday

  • 80% catering deposit
  • Print cards in jb
  • Pre wedding shoot
  • ROMM

June 2017 — Hari Raya 25th, Sunday

  • Choose wedding cake w kak yam
  • Finalise photobooth w kak ana
  • Finalise wedding song list
  • Finalise itinerary

July 2017

  • Send out wedding cards to relatives
  • $1500 deposit for photo + video
  • Order furniture for room online
  • Paint room
  • Pack and swap rooms w adik

August 2017 — Pantang 6th

  • Send out wedding cards to friends
  • Room to be ready before pantang
  • 16th wednesday, wedding leave
  • 16th — pamper day
  • 17th — bake candy corner desserts w adik
  • 18th — henna night
  • 19th — be sure all dulang is safe and secure at kak wani’s
  • 19th — rewang
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