Ways to Better Appreciate the Iranian Culture

One of the greatest things about living in the United States is the fact the country is full of people from all over the world. It is a true melting pot where people of all types of backgrounds and cultures come to share their strengths. While some cultural differences between groups can bring challenges and even bad feelings, any reasonable person knows that it’s important to gain an understanding and appreciation for people of all nationalities, races and cultural backgrounds. Recently, many people from Iran have started calling the United States home. Iranians bring with them a well-defined cultural history that can fascinate and educate people. In order to live and work in harmony with people of all cultures, it’s important to gain an appreciation for what they believe in and what they value. Iranian American culture may be different, but it can also be used to build relationships and strengthen communities. Here are some ways to better understand this culture.

Get to Know the People

People come to the United States in search of a dream. They come for a better life for themselves and their spouses and children. The Untied States has long been a land of much promise and opportunity. As more and more people come from Iran to call themselves Americans, you may find yourself living next to such a person or family. Instead of being nervous or unsure about who they are and what they stand for, get to know them. Be friendly and engage them in conversation. Be warm and welcoming. Spend time with them.

Learn About the Culture

It’s likely the typical American knows little about the Iranian American culture. In order to better understand what these people are like, it’s important to spend some time learning about the culture. Get online and research what their customs are, what they like to eat, what their hobbies are, what their belief systems and attitudes look like. Find out what their cultural norms and expectations are. You may very well see similarities between them and you. This will foster a deep appreciation for them. You’ll grow to admire how they’ve overcome their struggles and hardships.

Teach Them About Your Culture

Iranian and Persian American culture is much different than the American culture you’re accustomed to. Think of how intimidating it must be for the Iranian or Persian moving to a new country that is vastly different than what they’re used to. If you are willing to open up to one of these immigrants, they will open up to you. Together, you can have a mutual understanding and appreciation of what each of you think, feel, hope and desire. An Iranian American doesn’t have to abandon his or her culture when moving here; however, teaching them about what your culture is like will go a long way toward helping them feel more comfortable.

Iranian American culture is much different than the culture in the U.S. But by getting to them and their culture, you can quickly build a relationship of trust and a genuine friendship of respect and appreciation.