A fairytale industry that pulled itself up by the bootstraps in the last couple of decades is now facing an existential crisis partly of its own making. Nollywood needs to move on to the next step, but over the last few years, it has opted for ‘ever closer union’ with the government as the way to achieve this — taking free money here and there, endorsing halfwit politicians and turning Aso Rock into a place of pilgrimage. This is the sad denouement to that bad romance.
Feyi Fawehinmi

Somebody believes Aki, PawPaw, Osufia and their ilk, as well as the stories of witch-craft, etc are an embarrassment to the Nation. That person has now decided upon herself to rid the country of that which is not fit of representing the nation, essentially setting herself (this is getting tiring) as the gatekeeper to all movies that are good and beneficial. She also has the belief that if we produce great movies, we’ll make a lot more money. But greatness would be defined by her. Well have a cultural “mother” determining what movies are good for us. No sex scenes and nudity. No bloodshed, and smoking. Or where any of these happen, we shall be shown how the “enagagers” shall suffer from it. Their lives would become miserable.

And if they succeed, guess what’ll happen next? MUPICON, or what ever the musical equivalent of MOPICON would be called.


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