What I Learned from Professor Obama
The Obama White House

Since Professor Obama went to Cuba …

I would like to have Obama teacher classes in Brazil. Lessons of democracy and racial equality. Just as President Obama, my father is black and my mother is White. I’m white (people say that in Brazil), but I feel closer to black people of my country. Oppression here on the black population is absurd. It hows and was the 19th century, with more powerful weapons. The majority still live on state oppression as in times of slavery. Without access to education and opportunities as most of the white middle class. Black population here, a are 60% -70% of the population. But they are excluded from almost all sites of power. The Big Media here reproduces racism! Black characters always are mostly “submissive employees of whites.” And the few blacks shown as “successful” are all caricatured … You do not see black doctors, black lawyers, black scientists, black politicians … Nothing … Most of the population grows up seeing just how laughable and mood.. And the biggest media group here, the third in the world, Rede Globo, openly declares that there is no racism in Brazil.

I was not born black as President Obama. My sister did. That to me is very bad, because here we should have a “Black Panther Party” … Yes, we are in a “ Mississippi Burning” movie, with 140 million black exploited by some 10,000 white millionaires … Most murders are black young people without opportunities. Only 16% of young people of 17–25 years are in universiaddes. And the majority are white middle-class youth. Our academic system only recently started to get more black students, because only in the 21st century did affirmative action policies here, as the US did in the middle of 20th century.
Sorry to leave the subject of the published text, but the situation here is desperate and complain wherever possible. Brazil lost every year thousands of young people who could be our Obamas, our Nelson Mandelas.

The data on racism in Brazil are everywhere, bodies in the streets, in patients in hospitals … Just open your eyes and see.
But our media, dominated by traditional elitist and racist families never address the issue. Rather leave it more invisible. It may be afraid that if the majority of the population have access to opportunities, they will criticize and protest to tell the privileges that these companies receive from the state.

Please send Professor Obama to Brazil. We need urgent racial equality lessons … Nobody better than him to do so.

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