President Obama is going to Cuba. Here’s why:
Ben Rhodes

Please … 
Stop talking “the Cuban people suffer” … The American people suffers from an expensive health care system, which spends more than 20% of GDP (25% of this is spent on “brand-name drugs.”…! The US has umd the worst health outcomes between developed countries, with rates similar to those in Ukraine before the civil war in that country.
President Obama tried to change something to make this less harsh system … and that was used against him. In Cuba, the state policy is “medical diplomacy” (spend a lot less that NATO and we obtain more results per dollar applied this policy, you know), you know?
Closer to Cuba is perhaps the best thing that the United States do to their own people! Because health care in the US is an expensive commodity! Dearest! An unannounced war between corporate profits and the lives of US citizens!
“Pay dearly or Die! Your life will be maintained for you to increase our profits!”

“How Much Does the U.S. Spend on Health and How Has It Changed?

The U.S. spent $8,402 per person on health care in 2010. Health care spending has consumed an increasing share of economic activity over time. The United States spent $2.6 trillion on health care in 2010. Spread over the population, this amounts to $8,402 per person (Figure 1). This $2.6 trillion represents 17.9% of the nation’s total economic activity, referred to as the gross domestic product, or GDP. While health care expenditures have grown rapidly over time, increases have moderated in recent years.”